Wednesday, January 22, 2014

MK Hamilton Specchio EW Satchel - Pearl Grey

So, sementara menunggu waktunya, lets chill out a little bit and do what ever makes me happy then. And that is.....put PO on several online shops! #duaarrr

As you know, I've been eyeing one particular bag since ages. And that one bag is MK Hamilton Saffiano East-West Satchel Pearl Grey. But I never ever had a chance to get my hands on that bag up until now. So ketika tas itu masih heboh betebaran di website2, gw lagi seru2nya hunting si Hamilton N/S Tote Red, thus ndak kepikiran samsek lah untuk pingin punya si PG. Sampe ketika gw liat satu perempuan pake PG with Silver Hardware right in front of my eyes, I instantly get hooked! At first gw pikir warna ini akan bikin tasnya kelihatan pale, but I was wrong, big time! In real lifenya trnyata si PG ini keceeh banget. Apalagi silver hardware nya bener2 bikin overall look of this bag more subtle yet so chic and lux. So dengan semangat 45 dimulailah perburuan tas MK berikutnya.

Unfortunately my hunting didn't work well, as it appeared I can't find the exact same bag everywhere. And when I saw one on eBay, it will normally comes with gold hardware ( which is not what i wanted) so the hunt keeps going.....Until i said to my self I better get another bag, or find another model with same color. Hhhmmm...I wish I can, but I am to determined to get it, so I will wait!

So, finally the wait is ended. I saw one showed up on the website while I am googling for Selma Pearl Grey. It's the exact same bag I've been wanted all along...Buuuttttt, this one has a slightly different on the lining. The new bag comes with silver lining all over its edge. Hhmm, I was hesitate if I ever liked the new model. Therefore I try to google and find as much as references before I decided if I wanna have it.

The consideration took almost 3 weeks, until FD released a 25% sale on Macy's. And that's applied on my PG bag as well. I couldn't resist it, especially when I know the satchel version hasn't officially being release in Jakarta.

And about few days ago, it's finally here and it's finally mine #lalalalala




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