Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not a Fashion Blog At All

The reason I'm writing this post is because up until now I haven't figure out what my blog's theme going to be. Well, it doesn't mean I'm confused or anything, but for my own opinion, writing blog is more like a self-expressions. I feel that I don't have to be fashionable and wearing up-date clothing first to write what's on my mind, I feel that I don't have to be able to mastering all that super-tricky recipes first to create my thoughts and I absolutely feel that I don't have to traveling somewhere first to expose what's going on in my life! I guess it's just flow naturally...if I feel like I want to write something then I'll posting, if not, then I will just skip it for months and months!!! yeaah, I know it's not a good thing :(

Most likely my posting is only about "sesuatu yang gak terlalu penting" or should I say "my-daily-random-thoughts-activities-and-so-on" things. Contohnya..bisa aja suatu hari gw kepikiran untuk posting tentang my traveling experiences and give some tips and story yang ga jelasss plus foto2 narsis (yang niat awalnya mau ngasi foto pemandangan, tpi baru sadar klo ternyata lebih banyak moto diri sendiri :p) or in another day, gw posting tentang what's going on in my work's life, how to dealt with my tricky boss, hectic routines and boring environments. Terus posting tentang hangout2 gak guna (yang tujuan aslinya cuma pingin ada kenangan aja abis ngumpul sama ini-disini) terus posting my wishes and hopes, posting tentang sesuatu yang interesting, posting about me-myself-and-I thing :p or last but not least, posting tentang fashion. For this one, I'm sure it will be very easy because I only need to take pictures of my self and puts details on what I wear..easy! But if that's what Fashion blog is all about, guess I'm going to make one too. Apparently, fashion blog is not about that only. A good fashion blog should be filled with informative and inspiring posts and not only just your self-portrait. So I guess I'm not one of it :p

That's why, I haven't decided what my blog is for now..can I just post anything??? everything??? apapuuun??? mustinya sih gpp yaaa...*nanya sendiri jawab sendiri :P

Nah berhubung post kali ini isinya cuma curhat GALAU SORE HARI GA JELAS..perhaps I can add a picture of my self biar dibilang sedikit "fashion blog" gituu..xxixixixix

Details :
Zara Blazer-nya Desong | Lois Jeans | Ambass Tank | Karen&Chloe wedges | Coach Poppy


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Wish I Have Pretty Nails :(

My nails are so weak, very very weak, it's thin, chipped, brittle, cracked and all that! It looks horrible and I get really frustrated by that..honestly, I think I am cursed for not having a fine, hard, good looking nails :(

Probably it's because i don't consume enough vitamins, thus it's affecting my nails or maybe it's because i wear nail polish all the time. Well for now I really dont know which one is the cause, but I always try to avoid taking medicine or drink anything to make my nails growth faster and healthier. I felt it is more safety to use external treatment instead of internal, it's less harmful. 

After reading some preferences from the internet, I decided to try on Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2 Plus or OPI Nail Envy to strengthen my nails. Both products contained amazing formula to helps weak nails growth stronger.

So this weekend I'm planning to hunt these products in a mission to 'rescue my nails'!

And this is how the product looks like;

And im hoping that my nails will look little bit similar like this *finger-cross

Or perhaps it may looks simple, clean and sturdy just like this :(


Tattoo?? Me?? Maybe ;)

Actually, I've been dying to have one since years ago, although I'm a little bit scared of needles, but I think it's pretty cool to have at least one small and cute looking tattoo. And the fact that 4 out of my 5 big brothers had it on their body, makes me even familiar with it since I was very young :D

I guess for now, I only needs to build my courage and ask several people around me to convinces more. #fingercross

And "Maybe" when the time is come, I'm planning to have it on both of my wrists or else in the back of my neck (for this one, I want it a little bit bigger...*sok berani :p)

Since I cannot stop thinking of it, I'm trying to ask my brother about his opinions and the results? NONE! I guess it's still hard for him to accept his little sister is planning to do the same thing that he admitted "he's regret doing it". So, I know he didn't help me at all :(

And that's why, all I can do now is just watching Youtube and seeing people first-tattoo's video and learning the process, and then I will browse for an awesome tattoo design.

My fave tattoo design are a kind of simple, clean, artistic and meaningful tattoo, just like these..

"Carpe Diem" is Latin word for "Seize The Day"

This cute little birds tattoos are also awesome :)

Good Quotes and Couple's name Tattoos? Why not...

Zodiac sign Tattoos?? Definitely A Must!!

Or perhaps, Initial Tattoos..less painful I guess :p

Anyway, I'm still learning about the How-To process though,  but looking at this video somewhat encourages me more to have it soon...well, we will see :P

OMG, there's also RED Tattoos...Uber Coool!!!yeaaayy!!!

But before I jumped into something that i'll regretted it for the rest of my life, guess I should read and understand everything first. That way I know what kind of decisions I make :D


Pic Says A Thousand Words

I just found out a very cool and awesome link called Pinterest while Googling for quotes, and its extremely interesting. All the amazing pics that are being posted in it are so inspiring and superb. I like everything about it and I surely will open it everyday...lumayan buat nyegerin mata :)

Here are some of good stuffs that i copied :

Nice Quotes & Sayings :

Funny Pics ;p

Cute pics :

ROFLOL Pics :))

And many more, guess its true that "pic says a thousand words" ;)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quotes of the Day ;)

Happy Tuesday

My W'day Ideas for "Someday" ;)

Aaahh payah deh, gara2 posting "Ucapan Pernikahan", gw jadi iseng browsing2 gambar pernikahan yang bagus2 itu dan now ujung2nya gw malah latah kepengeen jugaaa kaaan..*tepokjidat

So jadilaah gw ber-daydreaming-siangbolong-ria! Kerjaan kebetulan lagi gak banyak dikantor trus si Boss gak ada, urusan arrange meeting udah kelar. So daripada bingung mau ngapain lagi, yaudah ngayal deh kira2 nanti Pernikahan gw bakalan kaya apaa..hahahahah *mumpung mimpi gratis :p

Soal siapa jodohnya itu bukan urusan kitalah yaa, yang penting sekarang berusaha dan berdoa plus ngebayangin serunya my dream wed will be ;"> Berhubung ini cuma posting lucu2an, so gw sih berharap semuanya serba merah, meriah, megah, mewah, waah..waah..wah...hahahha gaaaakkk deeeh! gak mau kaya gitu (ngomong sendiri) gw sih prefernya simple, less crowded, dan khidmat..tapi tetep bermerah2 ria :)

My Dream W'Day should be and must be outdoor and at the rooftop, surrounded by high buildings, night sky, night view, citylights, full bright moon and stars. So these places are pretty much as I imagined :D

I got this pic from Google and I'm so sure this is definitely not in Jakarta (Menurut L!)

This one located in BALI Anantara Hotel Seminyak...Plan to have a W'day here??! I wish...

This is my fave place of all. Awesome decorations, sleek, simple, chic and with a very stunning view. But too bad..it's far far away di San Diego :(  (IvyHotel.com)

Lastly, I found this pic while Google-ing, and I'm so surprise that its Ritz-Pacific Place, who would've thought. This place obviously on my top list for the big day...*biggrin

But there's another place that I will choose for an opt, it's at Kemang Alila, just across my Kostan..its actually a poolside dinning restaurant..but i think it would be just awesome for a W'day reception ;) wink..

Done with the venue..sekarang lanjutin lagi ngayalnya ke kebaya resepsi :p

Since i couldn't find a good glamorous RED Kebaya, thus i can only imagine each of these pics colored in RED :)

Next Pelaminannya...*semakin seneeeng :)

Decorations...*sambil cengar-cengir :p

Small details that really matters :)

Last but not least..the RING ;) i like the one that simple, thick and with a little diamonds..banyak juga gpp..yang penting modelnya simple and tebel..sort of like this :

Soooo...begitulah my Big Dream W'day would be "Someday"...Amiiinn ;)

Courtesy goes to Google and those people who provide me with a goooood pic that can "Someday" fulfilled my dream..hallaaagh :p
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