Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Nailpolish Haul

My new babies - OPI Nail Polish

OPI Mauving It to Manitoba

I bought this at OPI Outlet (again) because...I like it and I can't wait to wear it soon. The color was gorgeous, not too pinkish and not too purple-ish, it's suitable on my skin tone too. And this one was  my first non-redish and non-blueish nail polish :D

Next one is OPI Black Onyx

I've been wanting a blackest black nail polish since long time ago, but haven't found the right one yet. And once I saw these on Google, I couldn't stop thinking of it. Black Onyx has the perfect "Black" formula as I wanted. It's creamy and it only takes 2 layers to get the right opaque without looking too much of "dukun" style :p

I add it with China Glaze NOVA, a beautiful rainbow glitter :D

 I got the nail inspiration from Her, thanks for showing me the beautiful swatches ;)

The other one is the famous OPI Russian Navy, not much to say but it is the most gorgeous navy blue nail polish I've ever known. Its dark, its blue, its navy and its fantastic!


Another red nail polish I bought was from Nicole by OPI called Sealed with a Kris. Its a deep burgundy creamy red. I decided to buy this one because I don't have this kind of red on my stash, although it's a bit expensive because I bought it at the counter, but, I didn't regret it. Its a very very very lovely color and I love how it looks on my nails..Per to the Fect ;p

Last one is OPI Black Shatter, I buy it to replace my old Crack Nail polish from Face It that was borrowed by Mami Kostan :(

The other one that will soon arrive is OPI Royal Rajah Ruby..cant waaiit :))))

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quality Weekend with Desong title surely doesn't fit with today because today is Wednesday, it means weekend ended 3 days ago. But well, before I forgot and since I'm in the mood to posting so lets start it!

Saturday is a very sleepy day, I had to woke up at 10am because Desong will come to my place and we plan to attend "Weekend Fashion Show with MAP" at Senayan City. It is rarely happen if I had to woke up at 10am on Saturday, especially if I spent Friday night until late night. But since it's already being planned and we both agreed to it, so I don't have other options but to forced my self into the bathroom, take a shower and getting prepared immediately.

We arrived at Senayan City at 1.30pm, half hour late but thank God BBP can spare his time to drove us, so we can catch up the event sooner. This event was held by MAP the famous retail fashion distributor in Jakarta. Brands such as Zara, MD, WH, M&S, Kipling, Nautica, Travelogue, Miss Selfridge participate in this event, including many other brands.

It was my first time watching live "Fashion Show" event and I must admit that it was fun. But still, I can never be as excited as Desong when it comes to this sort of things, Fashion-related things. Even thought I like fashion but she's the one whose had bigger fashion passion than I am and If I want to talked about fashion or at least learn a little bit about fashion, I'm sure I can always ask it to my fashion Guru anytime...*wink to Desong :p

 *ebuseh,..tanganku gedaa :(((

After having fun seeing those beautiful models showcasing beautiful clothes, we decided to leave Senayan City at 4 pm and go straight to Prapanca 21 Salon and Spa to have a treatments.

I read about this place in one of the FD forum. They said it was a great place with a very good service and affordable price. Considering its location is near to my kostan, so I guess we should give it a try.

Prapanca 21 located at Prapanca/Antasari street, just before the left turns to Kemang. From outside, we can see that the place is not too big, its even looks quite small. Their parking area can only fits probably around 4-5 cars. It means if the place is full, we need to park our car on the other side of the road and then walking cross the street.

When we're inside, we can see that the whole place filled with Javanese ambiance, its wall covered with Batik and lots of "Pajangan" in every corner. It's feels very cozy but also looks kinda gloomy. However, I like its smell, very relaxing though.

We chose massage+body scrub+body mask+totok wajah package. Since it was my first time doing totok wajah, I couldn't really tell if it's good or not..but Desong told me that DK is much better than this. Well, I still enjoying it.

Their service for body treatment was good, however it was also unfortunate that my therapist can't control her massage power (I hate a hard massage - bisa bikin badan biru2) thus, instead of enjoy it, I'm cringing holding the pain all the time :(

We finished the treatments after 4 hours and go straight home afterward. After I arrived at kostan I began to felt pain and "ngilu2" all over my body, especially my arms and legs :(

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Friendship Never Ends

I know, my self and my besties had a lot in common, and I also know that we both had a completely different character. We do share stories, all kind of stories (u named it), we shares almost the same interest and again we both in love with RED...And we realized that it's not just happiness that bonds us together, it's the ups and lows of our life that we share since 7 years ago.

We still remember the time when we had one glass of coffee to shared together since our payday still long way to come, hence we still happy and be able to sit down for hours and hours at Oh La La Cafe Pasaraya. We laughing to each other when we remembering how silly we're interpreting our crushes' sms (iiuuh) and how miserable we are every time Saturday night comes. We spent it by stuck at the warnet near my house, with no BF, no plan and no money at all. We always feels excited every time we talked about traveling together but ended up no time to make it come always, we're the only-talk no-action couple bangets daah!

And here we are, 7 years later, still besties, still share stories, share problems and sharing clothes :p One thing that really changed is that Insya Allah we'll be happier than before..amin :)

Today ;)

Love Gie and Desong xoxo

Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Blazers Haul :D

I can't help it, it's too tempting...I feel like I want to buy them all, different colors, different types and different style.

And as always, I can never hold my self if talking about Zara blazer. Amongst others "high-street fashion" brands, I can say that Zara has the best material and cutting as per my taste and my style.

Personally, I'm not a big fans of casual blazer. The kind that made out of 100% cotton and looks very "cotton-ish". Although I must admit that it's comfortable to wear and it can be wear for non-office event, but still I much prefers the kind of structured blazer which has formal cutting, style and safe colors.
That's why most of my blazers are not the type that comes with a zipper details in its pocket and also with lots of motifs. Mine is more simple and a lil' bit masculine. However, I once  bought a Boyfriend Blazer (it's masculine indeed) but unfortunately it doesn't suits me. It looks too big on me (even though I bought the smallest size) and I feel like I'm drowning in it. So now, that blazer just hanging unused in my drawers complete with its tag price...*what a compulsive buyer :(

I was very happy to know that one of the FD member opens PO for Zara and without thinking too much, I put an order to it.

The reason why I prefer to buy it thru online and willing to wait for about 3-4 weeks is because the price is cheaper than if I buy it directly at the outlet. Although for several types the difference is less obvious, but for some others is quite a big deals. Like the Red blazer below, it's still available in Jakarta outlet for IDR 899.000,- and the price I got thru online is only IDR 650.000,- not bad at all!!! And sometimes I can order new arrival blazer that not yet arrived in my country, or even better, I can have blazer that already sold-out in here (which rarely happens :P)

However, the bad thing about online shopping is I need to be very patient. Just like now, I've made an order for 3 blazers, 2 from Zara and 1 from H&M. I really need to hold my self for 3-4 weeks before it arrived in my office. So I'm just hoping that it will come sooner that I expected. #finger-cross 

I'm thinking about buying a green blazer maybe? or yellow? or purple? or just basic color like black and navy again??? :D

AIF - Alhamdulillah Its Friday ;)

Akhirnya wiken saudara2, setelah seminggu penuh kerjaannya cuma ge-grumpy-an all day everyday from Monday to today!

Akhirnya its Friday, hari ini hari sibuk karena musti packing2 balik ke "Asal". Selama 10 bulan tiap hari dateng ke kantor yang bukan kantor sendiri, akhirnya gw bisa balik lagi ke kantor yg semestinya. Tapiiiii...kepindahan ini bikin binguung, well, mungkin gwnya aja kli ya yg rempong, tapi beneran deeh, ini gw mau duduk dimana jadinya? si Boss gede nyuruh di lantai 22 (yang emang semestinya gw disitu pas awal kerja) tapi selama 10 bulan ini gw udah kena stempel "Ibu Rumah Tangga"  nya kantor yang ada di lantai 12. So di 22 bisa dipastikan kerjaan gw gak bakalan sebanyak gw duduk di lantai 12, dan dapat dipastikan pula banyak yang akan kebingungan kalo gw gada deket2 mereka. Tapii (lagi) klo gw sampe duduk di lantai 12, kondisinya akan berbeda, status jabatan dan kerjaan gw bsa berubah fungsi dan ujung2nya gw malah bisa handle hal2 yang bukan menjadi kewajiban gw..and its sucks!!!

Setelah bicara heart to heart sama si Boss Besar, jawaban dia malah "Saya sih kamu dimana aja terserah" Jiaaahhh...Ur not helping Pak :( Beneran musti mikir dan cari solusi sendiri nih gw!

Yah, jadilah karena hal2 kaya gini seminggu penuh gw ngeluh, marah2 dan bete. Ga bener I know, but this is what i feel :(

Ternyata punya status 2 ke-karyawanan, 2 ID card, 2 email add, 2 kantor dan 3 boss malah bikin gw sutres. Kesini ga jelas, kesitu ga jelas....aarrrgghhh!!


*awalnya posting bahagia, eh ujungnya2 malah posting murek..appaan sih gw!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hhhmm...akhirnya gw percaya, kalo kerja udah gada niatnya, setengah hati, males2an, negatif thinking, ga semangat dan manyun..pasti ujung2nya jadi ga bener!

Dari awal berangkat, mood gw emang udah kacaw balaw, malesnya udah ga ketulungan, mata udah kaya digandolin gajaah..beraaat banget2! Alhasil, walopun gw udah gaya2an berjemur diatas Starbucks Kemang Sky plus hajar Ice Caramel Macchiatto plus ngerokok berbatang2, teteep aja mood garis merah ini ga ke-boost! 

"Drama pagi" kaya gini entah kenapa jadi sering menimpa hari2 gw akhir2 ini, ngebayangain kantor yang jauh plus macet udah bisa mendadak bikin mood gw melorot sampe ke mata kaki. Belum lagi ngebayangin suasana kantor yang "begitu2" aja..literally!

This is really Pain in the S! Gw ga pernah kaya gini sebelumnya, selama hampir 10 tahun kerja dibeda2 perusahaan dan beda2 lingkungan, baru dikantor ini aja gw bener2 ngerasa gada semangatnya..i wish i know why? but the thing is i don't!

Stress mikirin never-ending problem ini malah bikin gw kerja males2an, ngacooo beraat, dan ujung2nya gw miss satu kerjaan. Well ga fatal sih, tpi tetep aja jd kepikiran, berasa ada yang kurang klo sampe ga beres semuanya...well, untungnya si Boss ga sampe gimna2 banget! Alhamdulillah

Dan ini semua penyebabnya adalah "stress", one word that ruin my day to day life! Because of stress gw jadi sering mikirin hal-hal yang ga penting dan malah ga mikirin mana yang penting, its all mixed up! I barely think clearly. Which is not who I am, its so not me!

So far, apapun kerjaannya gw selalu menikmati dan bersyukur Alhamdulillah, and disini bisa dibilang kerjaan gw gak se-overload dikantor lama, dimana gw musti handle 4 bosses, but they're all professionals, they know exactly what their PA needs to do to assist them. But here, my new boss, even only 1 boss plus "additional" 2 bosses (yang ga penting2 amet) I feel like I need to learn to become a "Peramal" instead of Personal Assistant! Semuanya musti dikira2, semuanya musti ditebak2, semuanya musti tau..come on, I'm not Ki Joko Bodo kaleeee!!

At first I can say that I'm okay with all of this, but lately I had enough!!!
"A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne
Creator of The Secret
From The Secret Daily Teachings

You cannot bring what you want to you if you are feeling stress. Stress or any tension at all is something you have to remove from your system.
You must let the stress go - it is the only way you can bring what you want. The emotion of stress is saying strongly that you do NOT have what you want. Stress or tension is the absence of faith, and so to remove it all you have to do is increase your faith!

May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne
The Secret... bringing joy to billions"
#Walopun udah baca email ini tadi pagi :(

Monday, April 16, 2012

To Puncak ;)

Fiuuuh, its Monday again! Sleepy and dizzy head strikes today and I feel very lazy to go to the office!!

It's all because of Shanti (My Ber-C Pom2 girl). She is suddenly ask me and Nunik to come along with her to Puncak on Saturday to attend the "LDK" invitations from her college juniors at Trisakti. The event was held "coincidentally" right next to her villa in Cibulan area. So there would be a bunch of her friends too there.

Well, since all of us are "Tukang Jalan" without thinking too much we said OK on her invitations!

The original plan was me and Nunik will do a treatments first at Dian Kenanga while waiting Shanti  finished her half-day work at 1.00PM. Me and Nunik agreed to meet up at 11.00am, but we miss it. When I'm all set and ready to go, Nunik didn't reply my BBM, so by the time she can contacted me, it's already 12PM and the treatment place already fully-booked.

So I decided to do my own treatment at the nearest salon, Acha Adi Salon.

At Shanti and Nunik came to my Kostan, instead of rushing and go straight away, we decided to do a nail treatments first, doing manicure and putting on nail polishes and ended up leaving my place at 9.30pm.

Our first stop is at Cimory Puncak. We had our late-dinner there. Too bad it's raining so we cannot see the whole Puncak view from our desk :(  We ordered Soup Asem Iga, Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin and Sop Buntut. After eating we stop by to Cimory shop downstairs to buy some snacks and Cimory's famous Milk and Yoghurt for breakfast tomorrow.


And finally we arrived at Shanti's villa at 1.00AM. Crazzyyy ;p

There, we then joined with Shanti and her juniors doing the "LDK". It was hilarious watching those new fresh graduate students are being "Plonco-ed" by their senior :p

 Heheheh :p

But it's just a normal "Plonco" though! And while Shanti is busy doing her things, me and Nunik just sitting and watching and laughing at it...heheheh :p The "Plonco" ends near the Adzan Subuh time. It means nearly 5.00am, in that case, we still awake until!!

Once we got back to our villa, Me and Nunik prepared the masker session, it was our earlier plan but since the "LDK" thing we can only do that at 5.00am in the morning!! My Gosh! 

Busy with masker-an we finally fall a sleep at 9.00am 

That day we were actually plan to went home from Puncak at around 12pm and go  straight to Dian Kenanga afterwards. But I guess its impossible because that means we only slept for 3 hours!

But what happened is, we woke up at and couldn't sleep again. So we decided to get cleaned up, had late-breakfast, "leyeh-leyeh" and photo2 :P


Although there are not much view can be seen from the porch villa, but the garden in front of it was nice, green view everywhere and excellent weather as well.

At 4pm we leaving Puncak and went to Bogor. We stop by to eat at Kedai Kita, Pangrango.

This is what we ordered. Mie Sapi Lada Hitam Hotplate, Tom Yum Soup, Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin and lastly, Pangsit Goreng.


The food tasted fantastic and comes in big portions. It costs only IDR 150k, so it means IDR 50k each. Not bad-laah :) And just across Kedai Kita there is Klapertaart shop, so we bought some Klapertaart as well ;)

After full "eating-eating" we started to get sleepy, thus we go straight home. But dasar "muka bola", when Shanti mention Berlian, me and Nunik instantly nod our head! Bener2 gada capeeenyyaa deh :p

So we stopped for a while at Berlian, play for about an hour (main gila plus ngaco) and at 9PM we finally gave up and decided to go home...this time's for real!

Sampe rumah..TE to the PAR!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

No Reason " Not to Post" Now!

These 25 tips are awesome!!!! PERIOD!!!!

"You have decided that blogging is for you and you have set up your blog, the first obstacle that you are likely to encounter is one that stops a huge number of people dead in their tracks -what exactly will I write about? I have no Blog ideas!

Well, in the post I am going to give you 25 ways to get Blog ideas that will rock your readers’ world.

1.Always carry a notebook

Sometimes blog ideas come at you when you least expect them. If this happens then you need to be able to jot them down so you don’t lose them. There is nothing worse than getting a great idea and then two hours later being unable remember it.

2. Read a book

Reading a book, much like reading a blog, you get to journey inside someone’s mind. The book, good or bad, should invoke a feeling or a thought process inside you. Channel that to write a blog post.

3. Take a different Road

If you walk to work or you go for a run every day, or even if you drive to the supermarket, take a different route. By taking a different road you will see things you have never seen before. Seeing new things acts as a catalyst for new blog ideas.

4. Verbal Diarrhoea

Get a Dictaphone (very 1980′s!) or dictation software app for your Smartphone, like Dragon dictation. Lock yourself in a room for 10 minutes and just speak about nothing or about everything. Get everything out and chances are you will pick up a few inspirational ideas.
Blog Ideas

5. Get a structure

If Blogging is something that you will be doing on a regular basis, 3 times a week, once a week or every day then set a structure in place. Every Monday you do a motivational post, every Wednesday you do a video post, every Friday you do a “How To”post. The structure will provide focus as to the content that you generate.

6. Tips

Whatever niche you belong to show your expertise by writing a tips post. If you are in the bodybuilding niche you could do “10 tips to gain 6lbs of lean muscle in 30 days”. If you are a hairdresser then you could write “5 tips to getting the perfect French plaits”. People love tips, they are easy to write and easy for the reader to consume.

7. How to

People find your blog posts and read your posts because they are looking for the answer to a question: How to get traffic to your blog and keep it there, How to mend fences with a pitch fork or whatever else they might need to know. Go to sites like and review what type of material is being published.

8. Speak to people

Ask the people you know such as friends and family, what they know or what they would like to know about the niche that you work in. This can give you some great blog ideas that you may never have thought of.

9. Watch a film

How much money do you think a screen writer gets paid in Hollywood? I don’t know the true figure but I am guessing quite a lot. Their copy should be immense and they should have some top drawer ideas. Use them as inspiration. To see an example of when a film inspired me�view�”Is your environment a product of you

10. Conduct a survey

Use an online survey tool such as survey monkey to conduct a poll of your list. Be direct, ask them what they would like to read from you. What they would like to learn? What would interest them? This is your target demographic, or should be, so the results should be gold dust.

11. Magazines + newspapers

Granted not all magazines and newspapers provide valuable content, even if it is just scanning the headlines. The headlines are written to provoke a response. If the headline works for you then chances are it will work in your niche. Tailor it for your specific needs.
Blog Ideas

12. Alexa toolbar

Every now and again check up on Alexa or Google trends to get an idea of what is hot in the market place. If it is trending then there means there is a hunger for that content. But be careful make sure that you produce content that will last the test of time. Speaking about Charlie Sheen slamming the new “Two and half men”cast is not going to be relevant a few months from now.

13. Look at leaders in your niche

The leaders in your niche are there for a reason. They are good at what they are doing, which is providing valuable content that satisfies the needs, wishes and desires of the market place. Sign up to their newsletters, read their blogs and take notes and get inspiration for blog ideas. DON’T copy it though!

14. Stumbleupon + Digg

I have only just got into Stumbleupon but I really like it and get incredible value. Pick your areas of interest and then hit stumble, a new piece of content flashes up and if you like it and read it then you can easily share it with followers or give it a Thumbs Up to find more similar content. If you don’t like it then you stumble on to the next piece. You can get some great blog ideas from doing this. Be careful not to lose track of time. Give yourself an allotted time and try to stick to it.

15. Dig out your old photos

Each and every one of us has a unique story to tell. Look back at your old photos. Think back to what you were doing at the time. What feeling the photo invokes in you. Use that feeling and passion as inspiration for blog ideas. Your blog is an extension of you so tell your story.

16. Look at search stats

View your search statistics either using Google analytics or if you use wordpress you can use a plug-in such as jetpack. Find out that search terms that people are using to find your blog. If one comes up several times then mould that into a blog post.


Do a Google search for “(your niche keyword) + quotes”this can often bring up a list of quotes by successful people that you can leverage to write a blog post.

18. Tell Stories

People love to read stories, so give them stories! If you are writing a business blog then you can use sites such as businessballs that have a list of stories for related subjects. Stories are a great way to interact with your audience.

19. Conduct an interview

Approach a leader in your industry and ask them if they would be willing to participate in an interview. You could do this over the phone and transcribe it or even publish the post as a voice recording, or video providing some alternative sources of content for your readership.

20. Watch a Video

Over 35 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. What does that tell you!? It should tell you that people have a desire to watch video. Get the camera out, wear a smile and become the next superstar.

21. Recycle.

Do your bit for the environment. Look at older posts or articles that you have written. Could they do with a little “jazzing up”, could you add a spin or a twist to the post that could take it a new direction? Have a flick through your older material and see what you can recondition, see if it inspires any further blog ideas.

22. Do a tutorial

Use the results from your survey and do a tutorial on a topic that your audience would like to know more about. You can do this using tools such as Jing or you could produce slides and post to slide share.

23. Write a book review

Chances are that someone has written a book or there are a plethora of books surrounding your niche. So read the book and provide a review for your readership. If the book is really good it can give 3 or 4 blog ideas for future posts and will certainly repay the time you invest in reading it.

24. Google Alerts

Set up Google alerts for specific keywords to be delivered once a week or every day. Scan through the list and see if anything catches your eye. Google alerts can be a great way to get blog ideas and as a bonus they come to you rather than you having to go and search for them.

25. Make a list

Last but not least make a list. Lists are easier to consume and add another flavour to your content marketing strategy.� If you look at all the leading media platforms, MSN, New York Times, BBC, they all have lists. So think about what is important and simply make a list.

I hope that this list of “25 Blog Ideas that will Rock your readers world” has given you some great methods of how to form content for your blog."

Courtesy goes to HERE
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