Monday, April 16, 2012

To Puncak ;)

Fiuuuh, its Monday again! Sleepy and dizzy head strikes today and I feel very lazy to go to the office!!

It's all because of Shanti (My Ber-C Pom2 girl). She is suddenly ask me and Nunik to come along with her to Puncak on Saturday to attend the "LDK" invitations from her college juniors at Trisakti. The event was held "coincidentally" right next to her villa in Cibulan area. So there would be a bunch of her friends too there.

Well, since all of us are "Tukang Jalan" without thinking too much we said OK on her invitations!

The original plan was me and Nunik will do a treatments first at Dian Kenanga while waiting Shanti  finished her half-day work at 1.00PM. Me and Nunik agreed to meet up at 11.00am, but we miss it. When I'm all set and ready to go, Nunik didn't reply my BBM, so by the time she can contacted me, it's already 12PM and the treatment place already fully-booked.

So I decided to do my own treatment at the nearest salon, Acha Adi Salon.

At Shanti and Nunik came to my Kostan, instead of rushing and go straight away, we decided to do a nail treatments first, doing manicure and putting on nail polishes and ended up leaving my place at 9.30pm.

Our first stop is at Cimory Puncak. We had our late-dinner there. Too bad it's raining so we cannot see the whole Puncak view from our desk :(  We ordered Soup Asem Iga, Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin and Sop Buntut. After eating we stop by to Cimory shop downstairs to buy some snacks and Cimory's famous Milk and Yoghurt for breakfast tomorrow.


And finally we arrived at Shanti's villa at 1.00AM. Crazzyyy ;p

There, we then joined with Shanti and her juniors doing the "LDK". It was hilarious watching those new fresh graduate students are being "Plonco-ed" by their senior :p

 Heheheh :p

But it's just a normal "Plonco" though! And while Shanti is busy doing her things, me and Nunik just sitting and watching and laughing at it...heheheh :p The "Plonco" ends near the Adzan Subuh time. It means nearly 5.00am, in that case, we still awake until!!

Once we got back to our villa, Me and Nunik prepared the masker session, it was our earlier plan but since the "LDK" thing we can only do that at 5.00am in the morning!! My Gosh! 

Busy with masker-an we finally fall a sleep at 9.00am 

That day we were actually plan to went home from Puncak at around 12pm and go  straight to Dian Kenanga afterwards. But I guess its impossible because that means we only slept for 3 hours!

But what happened is, we woke up at and couldn't sleep again. So we decided to get cleaned up, had late-breakfast, "leyeh-leyeh" and photo2 :P


Although there are not much view can be seen from the porch villa, but the garden in front of it was nice, green view everywhere and excellent weather as well.

At 4pm we leaving Puncak and went to Bogor. We stop by to eat at Kedai Kita, Pangrango.

This is what we ordered. Mie Sapi Lada Hitam Hotplate, Tom Yum Soup, Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin and lastly, Pangsit Goreng.


The food tasted fantastic and comes in big portions. It costs only IDR 150k, so it means IDR 50k each. Not bad-laah :) And just across Kedai Kita there is Klapertaart shop, so we bought some Klapertaart as well ;)

After full "eating-eating" we started to get sleepy, thus we go straight home. But dasar "muka bola", when Shanti mention Berlian, me and Nunik instantly nod our head! Bener2 gada capeeenyyaa deh :p

So we stopped for a while at Berlian, play for about an hour (main gila plus ngaco) and at 9PM we finally gave up and decided to go home...this time's for real!

Sampe rumah..TE to the PAR!!!


  1. likeeee your blog dear!!!
    keep posting and go for it!


  2. Hi Demi,

    Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog and leave comment, appreciate it ;)

    And i love ur blog too, ur face is so unique and pretty ;)



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