Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quality Weekend with Desong title surely doesn't fit with today because today is Wednesday, it means weekend ended 3 days ago. But well, before I forgot and since I'm in the mood to posting so lets start it!

Saturday is a very sleepy day, I had to woke up at 10am because Desong will come to my place and we plan to attend "Weekend Fashion Show with MAP" at Senayan City. It is rarely happen if I had to woke up at 10am on Saturday, especially if I spent Friday night until late night. But since it's already being planned and we both agreed to it, so I don't have other options but to forced my self into the bathroom, take a shower and getting prepared immediately.

We arrived at Senayan City at 1.30pm, half hour late but thank God BBP can spare his time to drove us, so we can catch up the event sooner. This event was held by MAP the famous retail fashion distributor in Jakarta. Brands such as Zara, MD, WH, M&S, Kipling, Nautica, Travelogue, Miss Selfridge participate in this event, including many other brands.

It was my first time watching live "Fashion Show" event and I must admit that it was fun. But still, I can never be as excited as Desong when it comes to this sort of things, Fashion-related things. Even thought I like fashion but she's the one whose had bigger fashion passion than I am and If I want to talked about fashion or at least learn a little bit about fashion, I'm sure I can always ask it to my fashion Guru anytime...*wink to Desong :p

 *ebuseh,..tanganku gedaa :(((

After having fun seeing those beautiful models showcasing beautiful clothes, we decided to leave Senayan City at 4 pm and go straight to Prapanca 21 Salon and Spa to have a treatments.

I read about this place in one of the FD forum. They said it was a great place with a very good service and affordable price. Considering its location is near to my kostan, so I guess we should give it a try.

Prapanca 21 located at Prapanca/Antasari street, just before the left turns to Kemang. From outside, we can see that the place is not too big, its even looks quite small. Their parking area can only fits probably around 4-5 cars. It means if the place is full, we need to park our car on the other side of the road and then walking cross the street.

When we're inside, we can see that the whole place filled with Javanese ambiance, its wall covered with Batik and lots of "Pajangan" in every corner. It's feels very cozy but also looks kinda gloomy. However, I like its smell, very relaxing though.

We chose massage+body scrub+body mask+totok wajah package. Since it was my first time doing totok wajah, I couldn't really tell if it's good or not..but Desong told me that DK is much better than this. Well, I still enjoying it.

Their service for body treatment was good, however it was also unfortunate that my therapist can't control her massage power (I hate a hard massage - bisa bikin badan biru2) thus, instead of enjoy it, I'm cringing holding the pain all the time :(

We finished the treatments after 4 hours and go straight home afterward. After I arrived at kostan I began to felt pain and "ngilu2" all over my body, especially my arms and legs :(


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