Friday, April 13, 2012

Curhat Ga Guna!

Today I started my day by reading several non-fashion blogs; and somewhat I get inspired by them all. Reading their life story is kinda fun, although I haven’t met them in personal (yaiyalah) but by reading their blog I feel like I know what their life is all about.

Blog that I read are mostly talking about their personal life, not a heavy kind of story, just their routines and their chores, however it's just nice!

Sometimes I’m thinking about doing that too, writing my daily life, routines and so on, but I realized there are not many interesting story can be told in my life, especially my "day to day" life. My office life is so-so, family so-so, love so-so. Just normal-basic-regular life. I'm afraid i'll make you all sleepy tho!

Well, this boredom actually began when I worked in the new office which is somehow little less-challenging, way different with my previous office which has lots of activity to do, events, gathering, dinner, lunch, hang out etc2. But in here, everything seems flowing too slow for me, I don’t get the feel and I don’t feel the vibe. Just feels wrong!
I wish I've clues for what to do, what needs to do and when to do it..Geezz!! this is super stressing :(

But still I feel very blessed and Bersyukur Alhamdulillah kepada Allah SWT for everything.

*Tarik nafas dalam2 dan say Bismillah


  1. iya aku kadang" juga merasa seperti ini >,<

    1. Klo udh biasa banyak kerjaan, trus tiba2 gada kerjaan itu beneran bikin otak nge-hang deeh yaaah --___--


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