Friday, June 29, 2012

My Red Nail Polish..Yeaay RED!

Without a doubt, I always been a huge fans of RED and red nailpolish is definitely not an exception. Yes of course, I will never ever ever had enough of RED nail polish, and it's true, this is not all, because I will surely add more :D

OPI Royal Rajah Ruby
OPI Color So Hot It Berns

 OPI Big Apple Red

OPI An Affair in Red Square

Nicole by OPI Sealed With A Kris

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Revlon Top Speed Chilli

OPI Mauving To Manitoba

My next red nail polish wishes are;


Just got my new CG Poinsettia and loovee it :*

China Glaze Poinsettia
 Pic credited to Scrangie 

OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ
 Pic credited to Doridavis 

OPI Wocka Wocka
Pic credited to Scrangie 

OPI Ali's Big Break
Pic credited to Swatchcat

And hope I have all of these RED :)
Pic credited to HERE

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trip to Singapore (22-25 June 12) - Day 2

Our schedule for today are b'fast at Fullerton, seeing Merlion, walking around Marina Square, taking pictures and have some coffee at the hotel before we finally check out from Fullerton and shifted to Marina Bay Sands.

The b'fast starts at 6.30am-10.00am, and we arrived at 9.30am. We chose the Smoking Area outside and I'm very glad we decided to sat there. The view from our b'fast table was so amazing. Right in front of us is Spore "super clean" river complete with Cavenagh Bridge and Anderson Bridge as a background, added with high rise buildings, clear blue sky, little birds and tourist's river boat that passing once in a while...this is the kind of place where I want to have b'fast every morning for the rest of my life. It's just soo beautiful.


Sadly, we can only enjoyed the b'fast until 11.00am, because we need to check-out, put our luggage to concierge and headed to Marina Square to see The Merlion.

Because of the limited time, we missed to check the swimming pool area and to take picture there :(

Image taken from HERE

To get to The Merlion, a lot of tourist will walk around the Fullerton Hotel. But I once read a blog that said Fullerton have a direct tunnel to Merlion for their in-house guest. So we asked one of the staff in the lobby and he showed us the direction.

Located in Fullerton basement, this tunnel gave us convenience access to Merlion without being afraid of sun burn and tired of walking too far. There's a travellator inside and we can also see the history of Fullerton Hotel pictured and framed nicely to the wall.

In the end of the tunnel we saw a Starbucks (penting itu :p) and a direct view to the super-amazing Marina Bay Sands Hotel building.

The Merlion is just right in front of us, just a few steps away and finally we can see the famous Singapore's Icon...but...we're disappointed, because it's under renovations, the whole statue was sealed and covered so there's no way we can took picture there :( 

Since our plan to take picture in Merlion already ruined, thus we decided to just sit and cooling down our self at Starbucks. We ordered an Ice grande caramel macchiato and enjoying the view plus chit-chat-ing :D


At 1.00PM we returned to the hotel (thru the tunnel again), took our luggage, catch a cab and shifted to Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Actually, we can always walk from Fullerton to MBS, but today, the sun shine very bright and super hot outside, we're also carrying a huge luggage..*queenwannabe. So we don't want to waste our energy and took a cab instead.

It turns out the distance between two hotels are very near, as seen on the map they both facing on to one another and only being separate by the Marina Lake, thus the taxi costs us not more than S$5 and 5-7 minutes drive only. Cool.

The first thing we saw at MBS lobby is a sea of people, long queue, kids that running around and screaming and shouting like they have no parents, all the waiting chairs are full, it was jam packed!!!

Although MBS lobby is very huge and fancy, but all the luxuries decreases with bunch of people queuing irregularly. We feel like we're on the market, but it's an unbelievably modern market! >__<

After 10 minutes, we finally got our room key.

Once again, another amazingly super luxurious awesome hotel in Singapore, the most famous hotel for its one stop entertainment place. Here we can find hotel, shopping mall, restaurant, branded outlet, spa, museum, convention hall, to none other than famous Marina Bay Sands Casino. You name it and they were all here. 

We're lucky to get a city view room located on 25th floor. We love love love the view..supeerb!

Our Room at MBS

Ps: too bad there's no bathtub inside our room :(

As much as we wanted to stay in the room and enjoy the view, we also realized that we don't want to waste our time here and we really need to find something to eat. So we immediately changed our clothes and rushed to their mall.

MBS hotel and shopping mall were integrated thru underground tunnel. Just headed down the elevator from hotel lobby and we're there. No different from its Hotel, MBS shopping mall is also big, spacious and luxurious. But somehow we feel it's the same like Grand Indonesia, the only thing that makes it different is the currency, all price tags are marked with Singapore dollar :p

We had lunch at the most crowded food court we've ever seen. The whole place full of kids, tourist from all over the world, talking with different language endeblah-endeblih.

There's also an ice skating ring in the middle of the food court, so you can imagine how crowded the place was. We barely even saw an empty seat and if we found it, we need to rushed before someone else took it..geez!

I managed to order Ramen noodle for S$8 and one ice tea which appears to be an "Es Teh Tarik" here. But thank God it tasted good. Meanwhile Desong ordered Bimbimbap rice hotplate that tasted kinda salty but still delicious though.
*maybe it's because we both starving, thus everything seems yummy?!

After our stomach was full, it's time for us to walk around the mall, sightseeing every inches of the mall, and stop by at Prada Outlet because Desong wants to buy a new wallet and finally she bought her self a Limited Prada Red Lamb Skin Wallet. Lovely wallet bebbih.


Done with shopping, eating and photo taking, we returned to our room and get ready for swimming on MBS Skypark 57th pool..yaaaay

Hellow SKYPARK :)
Let the picture speaks for its self..cause I'm out of word to describe how breathtaking the view was.

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