Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Trip to Singapore (22-25 June 12) - Day 1

"Alhamdullilah" is probably the right word to describe how much we feel very lucky to have this trip (or should I say me :D)

It's all started when Desong told me that she got 2 Universal Studio tickets for free and thus we're agreed to plan a trip just for the two of us. This also will going to be our first's abroad trip after being friend for more than 7 years.

Both of us, of course, feels so excited. But it's getting more exciting when Desong told me that she also got an offering for free stay in any hotel in Singapore. So I asked her to check whether it's possible to stay at Marina Bay Sands *fingercross..and our dreams come true! The travel agent confirm our request at MBS...supeerrr happpy. 

After hotel confirmed and universal ticket is in hand, now its time to think about the flight ticket. We are fully aware that June-July is a peak seasons as its students holiday season. We also aware that the price will be more expensive and it will be hard to find an available seat. So after comparing several airlines and agreed on the departure time, finally we decided to issue Lion Air for IDR 3.5jut/each for return ticket --__--

But hell, we already got Hotel and Universal Studio ticket for free tho!

Our flight depart on Friday 11.20am. After several "morning disputes" because of misunderstanding and miscalculating, at last we can catch up the flight and yet still have time to enjoy Starbucks because it turns out the flight delayed for half an hour --__--

We arrived at 2.30pm Singapore time and go directly to Fullerton Hotel (yups, you read it right...Fullerton Baby). Thanks to the travel agent' kindness and our big lucky charm. Desong once again told me that we can get an extra free stay in any hotel we want, so I suggested her to check at Fullerton and we are, spending one night at Fullerton Hotel, the most iconic hotel in Singapore before switching to Marina Bay Sands :D

Our Room


Fullerton hotel really seems to live up to his name as one of historical buildings and perhaps the most photographed hotel of Singapore. This fact alone already make our stay there a memorable one.

We never had enough taking picture of its' every corner, but too bad our time' limited, so after checking in we go straight to City Hall to find something to eat.

Our first meal at Spore tasted okay but later on we realized that the price is NOT okay, it's ridiculously expensive. We only order one kwetiaw, one chicken honey sauce, one coke and one lemon tea. And it costs us almost S$100..Dafuq!

Done eating, we stop by for a while at Bugis Street. Surprisingly, none of us interested nor attracted to buy something here because most of the clothing and the acessories looks very standard. Nothing's too cute and nothing's cheap but looks good, just average. We think we can find them all at Ambassador Mall instead. And to be honest, the quality is so much different from last time I came here 3 years ago. I thought it will gets better, but its not :(

At the end we just stop by at "Metro" look alike mall and I got myself a new red nail polish and a pair of OPI Nail Envy for Buy One get One promo...yeaay.

Padahal pingin beli banyak, eh Desong ngelaraang..hikks :(
Since it's already getting late, we returned to the hotel, take a shower and get ready for dinner and hang out at Clarke Quay.

 Gegayaan dulu sambil test kamera *eaaaa

Thanks God it only took us about 5 minutes walk from our hotel to MRT Raffles Hill and to the famous Clarke Quay area, very strategic.  While walking we can see the whole view of Fullerton Hotel at night. The lighting was amazingly beautiful.

We ate at one of seafood restaurant there, we choose to eat half size roasted chicken, salty tofu, and calamary. Including 2 white rice and lemon tea the total cost is around S$80. Worthed indeed.

Enough with river view and photo sessions, at 1.30am we decided to go back to hotel and rest. There would be another trip to do tomorrow.


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