Monday, September 24, 2012

I've a Blog Contributor?!

Honestly, I feel truly honored and pleased to know that someone is willingly and supremely kindly offering his pro-writing contributions as a Blog Contributor to my "lamely" blog.

It all started years ago when I found an extremely useful, inspirative and helpful blog which contains mostly everything I needed to complete my daily-weekly and monthly report regarding coal mining and its related industry news during my 3 years working at the previous coal mining company.

The blog called Insider Stories and its author was Wisnoe Wijaya.

He may not realize that his blog already being my life savior from daily report deadline every single day. Until one day I had the chance to contact him and say some words (mostly thank-you words) and we keep on contact and befriended ever since.

If talking bout heavy topics such as complicated stocks review, local company's dynasty and business empire was your cup of tea, then he will be the right person to talk with, but as for me (considering my minimum brain-capacity) most of the time, we only talked about something else that is not confusing-stocks-related-conversation-thingy and ended up talking bout people instead...hahahahah :p Well, either he like it or not, but that's what most women do bukan?! *pembenaran

So selain sebagai teman ngomongin orang dan discuss yang ga penting-penting (halaagh), he is also one of the person yang jadi inspirasi gw to make and have this blog, yups..he is.

Yang juga (untungnya) up until today, ga bosen2nya meng-encourage gw untuk keep on blogging, keep on writing and keep on improving the content of my post. Dari yang ngasi tau untuk review ini-itu sampe ngajarin caranya dapetin google add-ons (yang sampe sekarang tetep ga dapet gara-gara gw sudah sakit hati karena ditolak..blah) sampe nyaranin untuk nulis about my day-to-day office life yang u-know-always-sucks itu.

Well, I don't know what he sees about me, maybe he thinks I've the potential or maybe because I talked a lot (like a parking LOT) or maybe because I've plenty of stories to share with and maybe..maybe punya-sedikiiiitttt-bakat nulis gitu walopun dia sempet keceplosan kalo tulisan gw lompat2 ga jelas...*getok, but still he will always keep on saying "Keep blogging Gie, how's ur blog Gie" andeblahendeblih -_-

I know someday he will be sick and tired watching and reading my blog and its never-improving writing skills :p and mungkin karena sudah desperado to the max kali yaaa, one day he said to me that he wants to be my Blog Contributor...ahaaaayyyy

Seriously I am very happy even though, I don't know what that supposed to mean and what exactly a blog contributor do, but only by hearing it already makes me excited and honored..BIG TIME!

Jadi, nantikan lah posting2 terbaru dari blog saya yang isinya "dijamin" pasti lebih useful than before..hehehehehehe :D

To Noe : Dilarang Big-Headed because its already BIG u know! and saya tunggu posting perdananyaa...awas telat..Tsaah :)


  1. Hi Anggi..Thank you for your article...let me try with my first article about is far from i have written so far,,stocks and stocks. By the way, it was nice when you remind me today...

  2. formaaal amet balesnyaaa...:p
    baiklaah, saya tunggu articlenya..pokoknya sesempetnya ajaa yaa Noe :)


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