Friday, September 28, 2012


  • Im too lazy to paint my nails...reason is, just lazy.
  • Im crazy about cake, any kind of velvet, red velvet, rainbow cake, even carrot cake!
  • More and more in love with "jajanan pasar"
  • I've new refrigerator at my tiny-winy kostan
  • Always go to the Foodhall everyday after I finished work
  • Start to stocking up foods for my new fridge
  • Never missed KokoKrunch with Ultra Milk for B'fast
  • I bought fruits....(amazing)
  • Start listening different kind of music
  • Thinking about planning a vacation, just domestik gpp-lah
  • Really really really want to go to Bali again
  • Really really really want to go to Bandung again
  • Really really sick and tired with office work! Blah---skip---
  • Realized that I gained a lot of weights -_-
  • Realized that I haven't renew my FF membership
  • Getting bored with shoes..hah!
  • Never getting bored with Blazers and trousers
  • I think I need to buy a new laptop
  • Thinking bout selling my ipad (tapi masih sayang....tapi ndak kepake...zzzz)
  • Trying hard to start reading some books again (geez...)
  • Thinking bout updating my CV
  • Considering to take short courses
  • I only drink 2 glasses of coffee a day...(achievement)
  • I get sleepy all the time
  • Thinking bout buying some vitamins?......don't think so....i hate pils and sorts!
  • Crazy bout lip product and skincare
  • Fond of handbags
  • Drinking NU Milk Tea atleast a bottle a day...hahaha
  • ..........browsing2 mobil second...........ahahahhai (amiiin)    
Happy Wiken...

XoXo ;)


  1. Try to taste honey....I usually consume it, twice a day.

  2. Will search for it at the foodhall tom ;)


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