Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fancy Eye Make Up

Males maksi keluar kantor, akhirnya gw iseng2 browsing sana-sini sampe akhirnya mampir ke blog Fancy Eyes? Disini buanyak banget penampakan eye make up yang super amazing..Luamayan buat nyegerin mata.

Anihow, talking bout eye make-up, gw juga suka bereksperimen sama mata, dari eyeshadow warna gonjreng sampe natural, dari eyeliner hitam sampe warna-warni. Tapi akhir2 ini gw udah males repot layer2in eyeshadow and chose to wear single eyeshadow with a little bit thin eyeliner. Simple2 aja lah.

Untuk saat ini, gw lagi suka2nya ma eye linernya L'Oreal Super Liner Carbon Glass. I got this as a present from Desong from her BKK trip along with the other cosmetics on one pretty pouch. Compare to other items, the eyeliner is the one that caught my attention. Its super black and its super easy to wear. I'm thinking to try to create one of these eyeliner styles using my carbon glass someday ;)

And several tricks on how-to wear eyeliner dengan "baik dan benar"


Last but not least, RED eyeshadow and eyeliner

The rest of the pics comes from Google ;)

XoXo ;)


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