Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Game ON!

Bukan rahasia besar kalo yang namanya masalah akan selalu ada dalam hidup seseorang. Mau masalah besar or masalah kecil keq, it always been a part of our everyday life as long as we breathe.

Each problem demands different solutions, creative ways of thinking and variable action to solve. I know that small problem needs to be solve immediately to avoid a snowball effect which will be causing more complex issues and big problem, well, what more can I say, it is undoubtedly something that I need to settled up ASAP for the sake of discharging the pressures, the burdens and that I can move on to a much more valuable thing to do.

My problem now was actually a very-minor one which I have to admit even though I am fully aware that "the snowball" begin to rolling down towards me and potentially harms me, yet I did not take any action to stop it at all.

I am fool, indeed, big time! I just let it happen, i just watching it happen right in front of my eyes. Regardless the awkward moment, weird situations and odd things going on, I just let it happen.

I am fool, indeed, big time!(again). 

I always have a thought (which later on I regret it) presuming everything is okay because it wouldn't affect anything, it doesn't matter as long as it doesn't disrupt me and my job, it's alright as it has nothing to do with me. But i was darn wrong!

That stupid thing called ignorance and fu#$@%ng too-kind behavior has blinded me when it was actually the beginning of a much enormous problem that soon or later will come running over me and crushes me.

So what will I do next when everything is too late? Should I run? Should I hide? should I face against it?  or should I just dissolve it?

But I never want to giving up, it's just too easy. So I guess this is the time when everything is being put to the test. How will I resolve this, how will I find an effective yet less-struggling way, how will I deal with my own stupidity and how to less-blamed my self even more.

I might not overcome all the problems in an instant and hoping for an easy way, But I know what is done is done. 

So after seeing, thinking, reassuring and contemplating every detail of the problem from the very beginning until this very moment, i came up with "as per my thought" a brave and kinda "nekad" ways. I know it may sound a little bit risky, but if it's the only way should be, then be it.

Now i can say out loud "let the game begin, because it's ON!"


XoXo ;)


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