Thursday, September 6, 2012

After 30...Then What?

I know, its only a copy-paste action, but i also know that this post is too important for me to add unnecessary comments that will just make the whole key point of it blurry (like i always did). So be it like this...
so what happens after 30? not much, except you begin to see things you thought were stupid as things that are somewhat acceptable.

#after30 you begin to see the bigger picture, and not fuss about the small stuff anymore. you begin to admit that your parents were right.

#after30 you begin to think you were such an smart-ass in your twenties that you even asked the WRONG questions and demand the RIGHT answers

#after30 you begin to see who your real friends are. its now enough time to see how they stick with you through thick and thin... or leave.

#after30 youll stop wondering about what would happen, and actually start making things happen.

#after30 you begin to appreciate people for who they really are, not their money, power, looks or merely brains. you begin to be... nicer.

#after30 you begin to accept being able to understand things you refuse to understand before.

#after30 youll start listening to yourself more and not think of other peoples opinion that much because youll know yourself better.

#after30 you wont be insecure when somebody asks how old you are because youre in your prime and you know it. why so scared?

#after30 all the drama in your 20s will seem like childs play. and youll laugh at how stupid you were and get over them.

#after30 youll realize that being nice is not a sign of weakness and being cynical is not a sign of super intelligence.

#after30 youll know what safe distance means and begin practicing it to some people, mostly toxic ones.

#after30 youll finally learn to forgive. and possibly forget.

#after30 youll be happy you passed those miserable, drama-clad 20s. because if you hadnt, you wont be this person you are today.

#after30 will you be satisfied of your accomplishments? no. youll crave for more. but this time, youll know how to do it right.

the fear of life #after30 is overrated and thats why people gets depressed for nothing. if 30 is a milestone, make it golden. why worry?

#after30 you realize that there actually IS more to life.

#after30 youll think that the cool way of life you had in your 20s has actually evolved to something way cooler. and healthier.

#after30 youll know how to stand up for yourself and not let people walk all over you... and still be sincerely nice.

#after30 youll completely understand the difference between evil, nasty and firm. and youll know how to use each well to your advantage.

#after30 youll see that there are people much better than you and this either make you humbled... or be an ass all your life. your choice.

i tweeted all the #after30 things because people are only worried of turning 30 for nothing. after you blow the candles life goes on.

if youre a negative person and want to stay that way, cool. the world needs some sourness for kicks and thats where you come in. balance.

so you wanna greet 30 gracefully or miserably, youre still gonna be 30 anyway. might as well make it enjoyable and less dramatic.
Big Thanks to MIUND.COM

XoXo ;)


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