Do blogging not for living (although i wish!) but for learning to write. 
Do blogging to express my feeling.
Do blogging so i can do blogwalking (lame excuse, i know)
Do blogging because i know i need to doing it.
Do blogging to share my interest, my thought, my passion (though i know, less people will care -__-)
Do blogging because 'maybe' someday i can be one of those who has succeeded from it.
Do blogging so it can be my personal diary.
Do blogging because i want to and i like it.

Proud Arians | Addicted to all things RED | Billiard Player | Banana Phobia-BIG TIME | Blazer collector | Shoes collector | Nail polish junkie-wannabe | Make up Nubie | Corporate outfit lover | Google map reader | Books Hater | Not a Movie Freak | Love to sing without knowing the title of the song | Minus 3.5 on both eyes | Love to laugh | Laugh at Love | Fast learner | Motivator | Well-organize | Extrovert | Individually person when needed | Moody | Easily 'Get Into' something new | Easily to get bored too | Easy to get along with people | 'NOT Easily' kind of person.

Want to know me more, just reach below address;
Twitter: @gie_dazzling

XoXo ;)

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