Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekday Getaway to Bandung

Sometimes having a getaway trip in a mid-week could be refreshing too. -that if possible and sikon mendukung. And that's exactly what I did last Wednesday. After asking nicely to BBP amidst his busy schedule pindah proyek sana-proyek sini, He finally agreed to go to Bandung. It's only a "tek-tok" trip actually, so we leaving JKT on 10.30am and return home at 10.30pm.

When we arrived, first thing we do is to find someplace to eat, and BBP suggested Kambing Bakar Kairo (again) which located at Gegerkalong. After finished eating, we stopped by at several clothing outlets and headed to this hieps place called Tokyo Connection Sushi.

The reason why we go there is besides looking for a super-speed wifi connections place, we also want to meet with Nicko Renaldi-My best buddy who happens to be a native BDG citizens and also a super talented UnPar Uni Architect Graduated. 


The place was awesome. It has a very warm-tone, cozy ambiance and modern decor as well. After a while, Nicko came and we talked for several hours. The thing I dislike about accompanying 2 great Designer and Architect when their together is that I barely understand what their talking about. So during the talks, I can only be a good listener and -pengganggu- ajuah deh!

Kelar ngbrol2, akhirnya kita musti balik ke Jakarta. Tapi sebelum akhirnya menuju tol Pasteur, BBP ngajakin untuk makan lagi di C'Mara Nasi Uduk, somewhere near Gazebu area (I guess). BBP said that this place is famous amongst BDG clubber since its open for 24 hours. Tempatnya sih ndak gimana2 banget, wong kita makannya persis dipinggir jalan gitu. Tapi rasanya emang lumayan dan murah ples komplet. Yaah, menu malam itu cukup lah buat ganjel perut selama perjalanan balik ke JKT.

Ngabur Dot Com :D


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