Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Love Love Love Blazer

Blazer, hhmm..what more to say? it's my statement style, my signature-style, my "almost-everyday-workwear" style. Blazer could never go wrong with any outfit. Want a stylish, casual, boyish, pro, feminine, chic, elegant style? Blazer can do it ALL!

Although, so far I can only paired Blazer with standard work-wear such as trousers, t-tops, dresses and skirt, but I know there are lots of style can be created from it.

As I'm a bit "conventional-casual" kind of person, I only used Blazer to add "neatly" thing to my whole outfit. I haven't had the guts to try on Blazer in a different style than my usual conventional-style. But maybe one day i will...we will see :D

A glimpse of my blazer style...not much combinations tho :p

I'm sorry for the blurry-quality pictures, as most of it taken only using BB or iPhone and i took it by my self..too ashamed to ask someone to take picture of me :p

I'm thinking about trying one of these style as pictured HERE, such as blazer and shorts? color-blocking blazer? blazer and flats? blazer with maxi dress? blazer with palazzo pants? but can it fits me? is it suitable for me? do i will feel comfortable wearing it? do i will feel that the combo can really accentuates my body shape? not so sure, but im willing to try someday :(


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