Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Welcome April

Telaat yaa ngucapinnya?? yeaah i knoow, ive been too lazy to post anything yesterday, although I had a bunch of "narsis" photos taken when I'm hangout with friends but i just think it doesn't have the necessity to be post in here..but whateveer, ill post it anyway!!!

All photos taken in different occasion and mostly just a chit-chat moment after office hour or lunch time. I really don't have much time to go lunch outside with friends, my office is far far far and do you know how terrible the traffic jam in Jakarta!? like HELL! One day I went out for a lunch with friend, we ate for an hour and it took me about 1.5 hour to get back to the office, it's 2.30pm already..geeezz, thank God my Boss's away *tepokjidat

So that's why, I can only meet my friend after office, that IF i can reach South Jakarta area within an hour (which ridiculously impossible) but well, terima nasib aja kali yaaa :

This one taken on lunch time at Central Park with Desong, she's on leave that day to met a Doctor (lucky you) and fortunately, i have at least 2.5 hours "escape-time" while my boss is out of town.

Its a "my b'day treat" lunch, we ate at Penang Bistro and get caramel machiatto at Starbucks for dessert. Desong gave me a super cuteee Coin Purse from Kate Spade as my bday gift..thank you it to the max :))

Next photo is when i met with Aida Ristany, she's my Junior High School's friend at SMP 175 and guess how long we haven't met? almost 14 years, yeaps..we totally lose contact after graduations. But because and thanks to Facebook :p (I guess they should uses "Connecting People" slogan by Nokia for it :P) we finally get connected again. There's not much really changed about her, she is still pretty and lively but one thing that obviously changed is our "age"..for sureee!! :p

Too bad kita ketemu cuma sebentar, karena (sperti yg telah dibilang sebelumnya) my office is far and plus traffic jam, jadilah kita baru bisa ketemu jam 9 malam :(

We met at The Goods Dinner - SCBD, it's a new "IT" place in town, super crowded but super worth the wait, their foods are awesome and this place is indeed cozy. We ordered and tried carpacio mushroom, chicken basket, nasi goreng kampung and mine is salmon "something" which I had to admit, there is nothing to complaint about it. They all super yummie delicacies :p (definitely a must-visit-again place)


Lastly is when I met with "never-get-bored" friend Hera, yeaah..we meet nearly once a week, super intense :p mostly just to have coffee, chat, or browsing online shopping websites  together..whatever it is, we will meet every time we want it and we managed to have time to do it.

Last Friday, we decided to meet at Pondok Indah Mall, its a very far place from my office, west to south, so to say! but since i can leave office early, I managed to get there by 7.30pm (still). We met and ate at the most standard resto we can think of (other word-a smoking area) at Sushi Groove. After eating, I gave her the blazer that she order through online shop and it was sent to my office.

After eating, chatting, drinking and do a little shopping :p we split up and go home :D

So the point for me is, despite my "far away-office" and my lack of time during weekdays, i managed to spare a little time to meet them all, because it's always fun to share stories with friends, listen to their story is also a very nice thing to do..for me, meeting with friends is important as long as you can manage your time efficiently and that you don't sacrifice your rest-time to hangout till midnight.

*edisitumbenwaras :D


  1. lovely blog and great outfits :)

  2. hi Kristine, thanks for stopping by at my Blog and put some comment aswell, appreciate it ;)


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