Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Blazers Haul :D

I can't help it, it's too tempting...I feel like I want to buy them all, different colors, different types and different style.

And as always, I can never hold my self if talking about Zara blazer. Amongst others "high-street fashion" brands, I can say that Zara has the best material and cutting as per my taste and my style.

Personally, I'm not a big fans of casual blazer. The kind that made out of 100% cotton and looks very "cotton-ish". Although I must admit that it's comfortable to wear and it can be wear for non-office event, but still I much prefers the kind of structured blazer which has formal cutting, style and safe colors.
That's why most of my blazers are not the type that comes with a zipper details in its pocket and also with lots of motifs. Mine is more simple and a lil' bit masculine. However, I once  bought a Boyfriend Blazer (it's masculine indeed) but unfortunately it doesn't suits me. It looks too big on me (even though I bought the smallest size) and I feel like I'm drowning in it. So now, that blazer just hanging unused in my drawers complete with its tag price...*what a compulsive buyer :(

I was very happy to know that one of the FD member opens PO for Zara and without thinking too much, I put an order to it.

The reason why I prefer to buy it thru online and willing to wait for about 3-4 weeks is because the price is cheaper than if I buy it directly at the outlet. Although for several types the difference is less obvious, but for some others is quite a big deals. Like the Red blazer below, it's still available in Jakarta outlet for IDR 899.000,- and the price I got thru online is only IDR 650.000,- not bad at all!!! And sometimes I can order new arrival blazer that not yet arrived in my country, or even better, I can have blazer that already sold-out in here (which rarely happens :P)

However, the bad thing about online shopping is I need to be very patient. Just like now, I've made an order for 3 blazers, 2 from Zara and 1 from H&M. I really need to hold my self for 3-4 weeks before it arrived in my office. So I'm just hoping that it will come sooner that I expected. #finger-cross 

I'm thinking about buying a green blazer maybe? or yellow? or purple? or just basic color like black and navy again??? :D


  1. Ya ampuun yg no 3 makes me drooling. itu kalo beli blazer2 PO gitu dimana sie? tau diskon or gak dari mana?

    btw I follow u're blog too yaa^^

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Dini, thank you for mampir disini yaaw..

      diriku biasa mesen blazer lewat Market Plaza nya Fashionese Daily, Jadi disana ada seller yang bsa bantu kita mesenin baju2 dari luar negeri eg. UK, SPain or US. Nanti kita tinggal kasi link mana yang kita mau dan mreka akan infoin ke kita brapa hrganya...klo sudah ok, bru mreka pesenin dan kita tinggal tunggu invoicenya dteng far sih aku pesen selisih hrganya selalu lebih murah compare beli lgsung di counter sini. hth

      ps: yg nomor 3 aslinya lebih baguus looh, soft baby pink gitu..tapi sayaaang..udah gada lgi stocknya saay ;)


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