Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Friendship Never Ends

I know, my self and my besties had a lot in common, and I also know that we both had a completely different character. We do share stories, all kind of stories (u named it), we shares almost the same interest and again we both in love with RED...And we realized that it's not just happiness that bonds us together, it's the ups and lows of our life that we share since 7 years ago.

We still remember the time when we had one glass of coffee to shared together since our payday still long way to come, hence we still happy and be able to sit down for hours and hours at Oh La La Cafe Pasaraya. We laughing to each other when we remembering how silly we're interpreting our crushes' sms (iiuuh) and how miserable we are every time Saturday night comes. We spent it by stuck at the warnet near my house, with no BF, no plan and no money at all. We always feels excited every time we talked about traveling together but ended up no time to make it come true..as always, we're the only-talk no-action couple bangets daah!

And here we are, 7 years later, still besties, still share stories, share problems and sharing clothes :p One thing that really changed is that Insya Allah we'll be happier than before..amin :)

Today ;)

Love Gie and Desong xoxo


  1. waaahhh, you have the best first photo. Damn. That pic from my hair is long until short, hahahahahaha

  2. hahahhahah..kereen pan? liat donk muka jadul kitah :p


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