Monday, November 14, 2011

Pouring Rain

OMG... diluar hujannya deres banget, petir, geledek, angin...ngeri banget! gw yakin kalo udah kaya gini, jalanan pasti macet, banjir dimana-mana...luckily (should i said that!) im still at the office, si Boss udah pulang tanggo and gw masih betah dikantor finishing easy tasks, so besok gak ada kerjaan yang kepending lagi!

Sambil menunggu hujan reda *which is gw gak tau iseng2 blogwalking kesana-kesini, as always.."one good blog leads to another great blog" and im super overwhelm by that! Baca sana-sini akhirnya jadi iseng kutak-katik ini-itu *hadeeh bahasanya...And now as you can see from my blog appearance..I've super cute little flying blue bird widget as my Twitter link...just click it and you'll automatically follow me :p I also use another several cool widgets to customize my blog, like the one on the left corner -a RED cutey girl says "welcome to my blog"! and a flying maple leaf widget that really2 matched with my blog theme, i also adding a floating "back to top" icon so i dont need to scroll the mouse to take me up!!it was fun tho..especially dealing with that HTML codes that quite stressful for nubie like me, but dont stop trying cause you'll be surprise if its working and it surely feels great when you succeeded!

Here are some cute smiley i've successfully downloaded
Pucca smiley :

pucca_love_04 pucca_love_10 pucca_love_01 pucca_love_17

Union smiley :


Yahoo smiley :

ihikhik love angel minum
loove it...just by staring at it makes me smile :astig:

This is how to make your blog as cute as mine..try to read this one...great blog indeed!!


  1. Keren..^_^
    like this blog...

  2. Hi Dimas,

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog :)


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