Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tattoo?? Me?? Maybe ;)

Actually, I've been dying to have one since years ago, although I'm a little bit scared of needles, but I think it's pretty cool to have at least one small and cute looking tattoo. And the fact that 4 out of my 5 big brothers had it on their body, makes me even familiar with it since I was very young :D

I guess for now, I only needs to build my courage and ask several people around me to convinces more. #fingercross

And "Maybe" when the time is come, I'm planning to have it on both of my wrists or else in the back of my neck (for this one, I want it a little bit bigger...*sok berani :p)

Since I cannot stop thinking of it, I'm trying to ask my brother about his opinions and the results? NONE! I guess it's still hard for him to accept his little sister is planning to do the same thing that he admitted "he's regret doing it". So, I know he didn't help me at all :(

And that's why, all I can do now is just watching Youtube and seeing people first-tattoo's video and learning the process, and then I will browse for an awesome tattoo design.

My fave tattoo design are a kind of simple, clean, artistic and meaningful tattoo, just like these..

"Carpe Diem" is Latin word for "Seize The Day"

This cute little birds tattoos are also awesome :)

Good Quotes and Couple's name Tattoos? Why not...

Zodiac sign Tattoos?? Definitely A Must!!

Or perhaps, Initial Tattoos..less painful I guess :p

Anyway, I'm still learning about the How-To process though,  but looking at this video somewhat encourages me more to have it soon...well, we will see :P

OMG, there's also RED Tattoos...Uber Coool!!!yeaaayy!!!

But before I jumped into something that i'll regretted it for the rest of my life, guess I should read and understand everything first. That way I know what kind of decisions I make :D



  1. do you know the name of the font used in the first tattoo?

  2. i'll have mine, someday. haha, samaan nih tertarik hal kaya gini juga. =)

  3. toss masih maju-mundur juga nih, tpi kepengen bgt..we will wait and see.

    let me know if ur make one..even for someday ;)


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