Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kangen Bali

All of sudden I miss Bali..its been 3 years since my last trip to Bali, actually I've only been to Bali twice..first time is with my bestfriend Desong to celebrate my Bday.

2007 Bali trip was an amazing-unplanned-surprisinglycrazy kind of trip..It's just us, just the two of us (ngalah2in orang honeymoonan deh) Right after we finished work on Thursday night, we headed to airport Soetta, we took the 8.45pm flight and arrived there around 11.45pm. Though it's not a well-planned trip, but we still managed to get a room at Santika Hotel for 2 nights.

The whole trip was greaat, we enjoyed every minute we spent there and many thanks to Arie (my senior high school friend who go to college at Udayana Bali) and his friend Keling, we can have our own tourguide and they're trully the best tourguide eveerr.  With a super low cost budget, we can explore and visited the most interesting part of Bali, thanks to both of them and their cool motorbike :p

We went to Dreamland beach, Padang2 Beach, GWK (huge garuda statue), eating soto ayam angkringan somewhere in Ubud, playing pool in Ubud, shopping at Ubud and circling around Kuta.

It was fun and memorable 4days and 3 nights trip :) until...i finally had another chance to visiting Bali for business trip on 2009.

The event called Coaltrans - it was a coal mining-shipping related exhibition held annually every once in a year at Westin Hotel - Nusa Dua Bali for 3 days in a row.

I was assigned to take in charge of around 15 representatives from our company, some of them are coming directly from our HQ office in Spore. I arranged mostly on their schedule, meetings, conference venue, flights, transport, last minute "blablabla" changes and including after-conference party! It was a crazy hectic duty ever...adding the fact that im the only woman in the group..but I enjoy it and it was such a great experience :)

At first, I thought I can have at least half day to really enjoy my time in Bali during this biztrip, but i was wrong, the tight schedule, the full agenda and 15 delegates to taking care of surely overwhelmed me :( luckily, my boss is so kind as he allowed me to extend my stay for another one day (but still it's being cut from my annual leave) But thats okay...im happy..atleast i can explore Bali for another half day for FREE..yeap..FREE :) yeaaayy...

I took a 3.45pm flight from Bali, so that's mean I still have several hours to check out from Outrigger Hotel, thus I asked the driver (whom we rent until last day :p) to take me around Bali for one more time. He took me to Pasar Sukowati and I bought some "oleh2", after that I went straight to the airport.

So the point is all of my Bali trips (2 times only padahal) were actually a very short trip, not a full day and in a long holiday seasons kind of trip...And what I really want is actually a trip where I can enjoy Bali to the fullest, staying at good, comfortable and affordable hotel, shopping till death and no need to rushed for everything because I've plenty of time, get a cute temporary tattoos all over my body, get crazy and wild, enjoying sunrise and sunset with my besties and beloved ones and get tanned on its amazing beaches. Thats why...i miss Bali now...really2 want to spend another holiday/trip there again..SOON! AMiin


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