Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not a Fashion Blog At All

The reason I'm writing this post is because up until now I haven't figure out what my blog's theme going to be. Well, it doesn't mean I'm confused or anything, but for my own opinion, writing blog is more like a self-expressions. I feel that I don't have to be fashionable and wearing up-date clothing first to write what's on my mind, I feel that I don't have to be able to mastering all that super-tricky recipes first to create my thoughts and I absolutely feel that I don't have to traveling somewhere first to expose what's going on in my life! I guess it's just flow naturally...if I feel like I want to write something then I'll posting, if not, then I will just skip it for months and months!!! yeaah, I know it's not a good thing :(

Most likely my posting is only about "sesuatu yang gak terlalu penting" or should I say "my-daily-random-thoughts-activities-and-so-on" things. Contohnya..bisa aja suatu hari gw kepikiran untuk posting tentang my traveling experiences and give some tips and story yang ga jelasss plus foto2 narsis (yang niat awalnya mau ngasi foto pemandangan, tpi baru sadar klo ternyata lebih banyak moto diri sendiri :p) or in another day, gw posting tentang what's going on in my work's life, how to dealt with my tricky boss, hectic routines and boring environments. Terus posting tentang hangout2 gak guna (yang tujuan aslinya cuma pingin ada kenangan aja abis ngumpul sama ini-disini) terus posting my wishes and hopes, posting tentang sesuatu yang interesting, posting about me-myself-and-I thing :p or last but not least, posting tentang fashion. For this one, I'm sure it will be very easy because I only need to take pictures of my self and puts details on what I wear..easy! But if that's what Fashion blog is all about, guess I'm going to make one too. Apparently, fashion blog is not about that only. A good fashion blog should be filled with informative and inspiring posts and not only just your self-portrait. So I guess I'm not one of it :p

That's why, I haven't decided what my blog is for now..can I just post anything??? everything??? apapuuun??? mustinya sih gpp yaaa...*nanya sendiri jawab sendiri :P

Nah berhubung post kali ini isinya cuma curhat GALAU SORE HARI GA JELAS..perhaps I can add a picture of my self biar dibilang sedikit "fashion blog" gituu..xxixixixix

Details :
Zara Blazer-nya Desong | Lois Jeans | Ambass Tank | Karen&Chloe wedges | Coach Poppy



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