Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day

They said V'Day is a special day...well, for me vday kali ini ndak brasa apa2 tuh, mungkin karena dari dulu gw gak pernah menganggap hari sakral bagi sebagian org itu juga menjadi salah satu hari sakral bagi gw juga...buat gw, gembar-gembor vday or -what ever they called it-means a whole lot more than just love day n caring day or special day...anyway, love day should be celebrate everyday n sharing ur love doesnt always limited only to your spouse n couples. love day is everyday and to everyone..*i believe in that

Karena gw gak pernah menganggap vday special, so i never expect to get chocolates n flowers and sumtin sweet whatsoever! however...i still think it would be cute to received one :p

So for this year Vday, dengan alesan berpartisipasi, i just need to wear my pink outfit, pink lipstick and buy my own chocolate to pleased myself...selebihnya...ya kerja dikantor n lembur sampe jam stengah 10 malem..hihihi

Pokoknya Happy vday to all aja deeh..xoxo

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