Friday, August 10, 2012

Rescuing My Skin

Weeh, udah tanggal 10 ajaah, and posting bulan ini baru 2 ajah gituuh..lame -_- But anyway, I've been very busy at the office lately, doing lots of stuff before long holiday and before the bosses taking their leaves. And as someone who doesn't have "kampung", I never too ribet to prepare nor planning anything to "pulang kampung" every Lebaran, I also never take leave for it. My whole family reside in Jakarta and that's where I'm going to spend my holiday to.

Without anything to be prepared, thus my days before Lebaran are quite easy. I'm just doing "daily" tasks at the office, such as pushing the travel agent to get the seat for my bosses although they're fully aware that it's kinda difficult to get it in such a short time and in a very peak seasons like this, but hey, If boss want it, he get it. (nasib jadi company maid). Done with the travel arrangements, next week my company is planning to throw a surprise B'day party for the big boss and I got a task to ensure he will be coming to the venue and STAYED. This is actually not an easy task tho, especially when you know your boss have thousands of agenda and is not the kind of person who is willing to stay in the same place for hours (lagi2 nasib saya jadi company maid, giliran yang susah2 lemparin aja semuanya kesindang T_T)

So if everything already in control, what would I do next? My plan is to browse and pampering and review stuffs..ciee ciieee :p

Sumpaah yaaa, sampai sekarang gw ga habis pikir dan menyesal kenapa baru sadar untuk jaga kulit once umur udah lewat kepala 3. Dulu2 gw udah suka sama skincare2an (seperti cewe pada umumnya lah) tapi masih estede semua, handbody ya senemunya aja di supermarket, bedak ya itu2 aja ga pernah ganti, sabun juga milihnya yang kelihatannya wangi dan kemasannya bagus trus untuk urusan muka2an, yah seperti gw bilang karena si muka ga bawel, gw pun neglecting its conditions because I think my skin is doing just fine (so far). Until one day I realized that its not okay, it needs better treatments than it already is now.

So here I am, in a mission to search for a great and affordable products to save my skin..#eaaaa

Let the HUNT begin :)

 xoxo ;)


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