Saturday, May 4, 2013

Monthy Recap - April 13

Holaa Mei..Holla May and dagh dagh bubye to April.

Geez, udah Mei aja gituuuh? cepeet amaat sih waktu jalannya? mau balapaan buu *ngomongsendiri.

So how how's life on April? For me, Le time is moving very2 fast but my life seems walking very very slow. Been in a lot of thought lately, rearranging everything all over again. But well, this is my choice, good or bad I need to suck it either way.

Recalling my April, i've finally had a chance to hang out, chitchat and mingle with all of my friends and besties.  It was fun they all know and understand, being around and hang out with them has already become a rare opportunity for me. So when i finally got the chance, i really want to give it all out!

Been meet up with Inop twice for a late dinner at Sushi Miyabi Tebet and out for a movie at Kota Kasablanka. We chat a looooooot nearly about anything. Life, love, work, health, even hal2 sepele macam gossips gossips. We were actually planning to watch Iron Man 3, but there are no more seats available, so we changed our mind and watched Oblivion by Tom Cruise instead. The movie was okay, literally. 

ps: I bought a British flag mouse pad and iphone accessories plees Red sticker at this cute little shop called Scoop.

I had a girls night out with Hera and the gang at Beer Garden SCBD while BBP was out of town. We just drinking and chat and relaxing a wee bit. I'm having a good time there as I always been a huge fans of an open air and city lights surrounding -kind of place. So yeah, it was fun.


I was taking a day off during May-Day and with Nunik and her BF Harvan, we went to Ace Hardware Pejaten and Lippo Mall Kemang to hunting stuff for kostan. I've been wanting to have a full body-size mirror at my room. I already search at different hypermart but nothing really suits my needs. Most of them were either too small or too plain. So I keep on hunting until I found one standing mirror at Ace. But too bad, the price is around 250k. I don't think I wanna spend that much money only for a I skip that option. 

We ate at this Vietnamese resto called MonViet and boy, how we crazily in love with the food. It tasted super dupper yummeeh, esp their rice..for serious! 

Until BBP told me to search at Pejompongan. There are plenty of mirror's store there which sell different size and type of mirror with affordable price. And they can also make a customized mirror. So of course I would want my mirror has a RED frame on it. Obvious!

What I was wearing that several days

Left : My Fave bag -for now- MK Selma | Zara blouse | Levi's Jeans | EVB wedges
Right : Fossil VRI bag | Logo Jeans T-shirt | Levi's Jeans | Zara cowboy flat



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