Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hello September-Super Late Post

It's been too long, yeah..freaking too long I'm abandoning this blog, almost a month I never post anything. For serious, this couple days has been the most busiest weeks I ever experienced. Not, that I'm complaining or anything, because the truth is, I'm just too carried away with my new challenges, my new environment, my new tasks and responsibilities.

I've to admit, it was terrific. Meeting new people, knowing new things and learning completely out-of-my-mind business. Some might think it's just too much, but 'too much' isn't actually bad if it comes to nourishing your thoughts and stressing your powerful side!


Life after work, frankly speaking, not much really. It was all because I always came home late everyday, but...I do had several lunch gathering with my MK besties. It's funny how coincidentally one of the MK trit member is working at the same building with me, in fact, her office is just 1 level below me. So, after the previous fun meet up the other day, we always make time to had lunch together. 

w/ Mak Ade

And, the most obvious thing about getting back to work is that now I can wear my blazers again. lol. And yeah, as always, I'm still thinking that I have nothing to wear! So I ended up wearing the same combo over and over again...


 I seriously need some inspirations here :(



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