Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Love Working

Ga pingin pulang..entah kenapa, rasa2nya gw pingin dikantor selama yang gw mau! lagian kalo lagi dikantor kan gak selalu musti dan kudu kerja, enakan juga browsing2 apalagi klo udah malem, pasti otak udah mulai less-productive and less-responsive bukan?! I love being at the office terutama karena suasananya dan hal2 yang ada disekelilingnya. I love the paper stacks, red stationeries, my computer that being covered with colorful "sign here" label on every side of its screen. I love my job, my friends and most of all..i love my bosses...they are the best bosses ever ;) (Geer deh Pak Brian, Pak Dasa, Pak Octo dan Pak Daren Plus Pak Lim :P)

Love my boss bukan berarti jadi penjilat or sumting juga looh, tapi love your boss can be reflected by adoring the way they talk, the way they make decisions and the way they negotiate and most importantly how they act as a good role model and great leaders to all their employees and colleagues.

I am saying this because i spent most of my time in the office assisting them, communicate with them, discussing an idea, problem-solving thingy, including gossiping and curhat2 :p

Well. intinya maah gw lebih suka menghabiskan waktu nunggu macet dikantor rather than di cafe2 (aslinya mah karena ngirit aja ittuuuh...wkwkwk)


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