Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Very First Blog

It's been my deepest passion to have a blog...The reason is only to keep everything in my mind safely written so I can look back and read anytime I want (as long there's an internet connections).

I remember a long time ago when diary is so famous and I had like hundreds of it, I like to writes everything, just a teenager kind of stories, not interesting and not lively. But hey, its still fun to read until now.

But again, diary can easily lost or gone and the ink will also be faded and after several years, there's no more to read, there's no more that ridiculously feeling and laugh everytime I had the chance to read it and remembering how "cupu" I am.  

Thanks to blogger, I can finally keep my stories save and sound *ga luntur, ga ilang..permanently :) *unless I forgot the password :p

I know it's a weeee biit late to start to blog, but atleast I finally had one :p


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