Saturday, March 9, 2013

Crazy Random March Haul

Sangking excitednya sama bulan March, I think I should do something to pleased my self nih. So what could've been better than to get my self new things a.k.a shopping :p

And as a starter, my first haul was related to gadgets. Gegara kejadian kemalingan satu bulan yang lalu, I've lost everything from my macair, ipon, bb and harddisk. It was very devastating, but i try to be ikhlas and Alhamdulillah, gw punya rejeki untuk bisa beli lagi yang lebih baik dari sebelumnya.

Since i really need a laptop, thus i decided to buy a new one. And after searching, browsing, comparing, viewing and asking several references, my option goes to Asus ZenBook UX32VD. It is said that this ultrabook is better than Macbook Air. I actually planning to buy another macair, but somehow I traumatize if i lost it yeah, i choose this one instead.

Next is a another ipon so i can be reached to several numbers. We all know BB is getting lame lately, thus i really cannot rely my whole connection to that one gadget only.

Then, my PO clothing came from Pheebs. 2 red blouses from Zara. I actually love them both because they were Red, but the plain short shirt was my least fave. It has a blink2 accent on its sleeve that makes it looks too much for me, and after checking, this was actually not what i ordered, but well, gpp lah..wong udah nyampe. Other than that, i also bought a pair of jeans polkadot t-shirt and pants from Levi's. 

And the most craziest haul i ever made for this month was the shoes haul. Geez, it makes my dizzy afterwards. How in the world I can be this crazy, buying 4 pairs of shoes in two days in a row! But my self-defense alarm gets On by saying..i love them all, i need them all and they were all on sale! *enoughsaid

As for beauty haul? not much really. But I was looking for another eyeliner as a replacement for my Maybelline gel eyeliner which already run out and drying. I've read several review about this cheap local product called Pixy Eyeliner and finally i got it. Besides Pixy, i also bought the new eyeliner from L'Oreal called Super Liner-Ultra Sharp. And boy, how I'm so amazed with its result. Maybe i will make a review on it later *maybe :p
As for the lips, gw latah beli NYX Lip Smacking-Frappucino (another nude lippen..aish) gegara temen mampir ke counter NYX untuk beli eye brow definer. 

Skin care haul was my third bottle of L'Oreal Youth Code. I'm freakingly crazy in love with this product and i can surely tell that its really works on my skin.

Lastly, stopping by at F21 GI to do a window shopping and got myself a bright red summer blouse and a set of 3 fancy rings for only IDR 69k. Sweet! 

After that, start to saving from all over again! Kalo kata petugas Pertamina "mulai dari nol ya"!!!


  1. awwww laptopnya cakeppp banget!
    dijagain ya gie sekarang, kalo perlu pake lemari besi! :))
    blm jd pindah kosan kah?

    ituuu sepatunyaaaa haum. kece semuaa

    1. hehehe..thanks dear..iya nih, ini masih nyari2 kostan lagi. Ndak gampang trnyataaa -__-

      kece sih nyeselnya ampuun, kalap sayah!

  2. Aiiih aku naksir ASUS nya >_< *maklum saya pecinta ASUS

    haha keliatan tuh kalapnya beli spatu mpe 4 pasang gtu, untung sepatu gak bisa abis ya :p

    1. dirimu pake Asus juga beb? gw perdana nih pke Asus, kata mas2 yg jaga toko komputer di AMbassador, si Asus ini kedua paling bagus setelah Acer, tpi Acer trkenal krn hrganya yg affordable..klo utk spec berbanding hrga, si Asus ini juaraaa...

      an i must admit that im agree with them...enak bgt dipakenya dan cepeet :D

      iyaa nih, pas sepatunya bejejer dikostan, bru deh berasa nyesek ples nyeselnya...tpi yaaahhh gimenong..udah kebungkus -____-


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