Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blogwalking - My new hobby :)

Well, as a very very very nubie comer on the blog world, i find it interesting to check out those fab blogs all over the web. (they call it i just notice..hahaha). And its totally fun to see how much people are willing to share their thoughts and idea, their experience and so (well, almost the same like i did, but they just doing it A LOT BETTER!).

their stories, their writings, their words, their idea of something on their life is just fascinating and i feel sooooo left behind from all of this (kemanaa ajaaaa gie!!) but theres no such word as a late to learn something positive rite?

blogwalking activity is now be considered as my new -time killer- hobby, it was fun to read and check out those fab pages and layouts, those pics and also to find out what we dont know, get some inspirations-perhaps, or even "copas" their quotes.

for now, i really into fashion blogs, its amazing how people can dress well to express them self, seeing all of those good shoes, clothes, bags n accessories..aaah im drolling to the max! although sometimes i find its just -not into me- style or totally -NOT ME- style, but still its fun :)

i could spend hour and hour to jumped in for one blog to another as they all link their fave blogs..see, if one blog can hold me to reading it for hours, means their fave blogs are definitely not to be missed.

besides that, i fond of checking out news blogs for i need it on my work task tho! sometimes reading newspaper isn't all good, to much words and the point is actually only on the first and second sentences. by reading news blogs, they have it all summarized, short and sharp, this kind of newsflashes that i surely need :)

so keep on posting all, keep on amazed us with all of ur -so inspiring- writings :)


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