Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gie's Life : Recovery

its rain outside n im alone at my kostan, doing nothing as im still in my recovery phase :(

yes, it was that day, 10 days after my holiday, that morning when i just finished everything and ready to go to the office i got this low back pain attack-caused by simply a one time sneezing :( and gosh it feels terrible, im in totally pain. at that time i consider to stop by at the doctor before heading to office, but after several talk to my kostan maid, she said i better go to traditional massage treatment then i decided to force myself to the office and at night time ill see the "tukang urut".

after trying so hard to reach the office, i finally realize, this cant be left too long, the pain is killing me and i cant even move from my chair, i was at dilema-ive plenty of work to finalized, the bosses around and so the Big Boss, i need to walk here and there to finish all that working assignment - and here i am, almost cry just to pick up my paper out of the printer..gossh..i cant take it longer, so then i decided to take a sick leave and immediately seeing the doctor.

first, i call my Mas, and he suggest me to go to H. Naim (he was the famous traditional massage treatment for any bones fractures and so) i know about him as he once cured my brother when he had a motorcycle accident. so then here i am at H. Naim, he asked me which part that feel hurt and he instantly do the massage- i found it very paiiiiiiinnnfuul..i screaming out loud as i cant stand the pain :( and after 15 minutes of torture..its done, he gave a "jamu" and he asked me to return back on Sunday.

after arrived at kostan, i just felt it getting worst as all of my back is swollen and bruises, and the pain goes on, i cant even move my entire body, all i can do is laying down coz it feels like hell just to try to find the good position :(

Oh God suffering :(

it was two days ago and now Alhamdulillah, the pain is lesser and lesser, although i still had the bruises, the jamu works well after i drank it several time and now i can -a little bit- moving freely. still in some position i find it quite painful.

what i feel from that is...i dont want to get sick! it sucks knowing u cannot do anything as u used to do, i cant even make my own coffee as the coffee jar is under the drawer and i cant bend to take it..Ya Allah...i feel powerless and it doesnt feel good at all!!

after i regained my strength, i instantly googling just to know what kind of sickness i had, well then this is what i found, it called Hernia Nucleus Pulposus (HNP) its "a slipped disk along the spinal cord. The condition occurs when all or part of the soft center of a spinal disk is forced through a weakened part of the disk." quoting from

its scary how tiny sneeze can caused me an-almost 3 days bedrest-! so then i learned, that sometimes u cannot underestimate what your body is trying to tell. i actually got the feeling several days before and i assume its just because i dont drink mineral water enough. so i just let it be..but now, after this..oh my, bare my carelessness i should hear "ME voice" more, its not only the physics, but the heart aswell.

Ya Allah, anggie bersyukur sudah diberi kesehatan sampai dengan sekarang dan Insya Allah anggie akan berusaha menjaganya dengan baik..amiin :)

ps: but i cannot help it when it comes to cigarettes n coffee...aaarrggh but i will try to sleep early tho and eat vegetables more :)


  1. lekas sembuh ya,,and ngeblog lagi...:)

  2. amiin n mkasih doanya ya...btw, maaf klo bhs n tulisannya carut marut..*in pain mode : on soalnya :D

  3. No problem GieGie,,,kenapa yah km pakai nama GieGie? apa km suka grup musik GIGI?


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