Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random Boredom

I dont know what the hell is the meaning, yang pasti hari ini yang semestinya semangat malah jadi kusut gara2 kelakuan si Boss yang super duper nyebelin, dont u see that im just doing my job here, why is it you making it very difficult? everything is supposed to be easy and smooth, like working environment in real life tho! this is super crazy, i cannot work well, i cannot think well, i cannot act well, just because im dealing with super iritating boss like you!!gggrrr..ur ruin my super delightful day today!! fak fak fak

hhhhmmm...come on anggie, relax, take a deep breath, count to 10 and smile, imagine good situation, imagine ur in an amazing place, slowly sipping your amazing coffee and feel the smell of it, look in the mirror and try the ear-to-ear smile :D

if its not enough, guess i desperately need to go downstairs and burn my cigarrete..

well, enough complaining, in this kind of situation, i always try to remember my motivation, my goal, things that i want to achieve and my purpose..bersyukur..ALHAMDULILLAH YA ALLAH

selalu mengucap alhamdulillah, dimanapun, kapanpun..setiap senang bilang alhamdulillah, setiap susah bilang alhamdulillah..

so no matter what happen today, i will make it better than yesterday!!!

Bismillah..ganbate Anggie!!


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