Friday, October 28, 2011

Meet w/ Desong at PI

It's always feels good meeting up with friends to share stories, gossiping and have some coffee and just chillin' :)

And that's exactly what I did yesterday when I finally met with Desong again, my besties!

The last time we met was before my trip to HK, it means almost a month ago..geez! well, i know she is super busy with all of her "demanding-boss-thingy" and me who always find a hard time to leave the office early :( that's why we can understand how tricky it is to fixed our timing.

But yesterday, we finally matched our time and decided to meet up at Plaza Indonesia. At first i said to her that i will arrive at PI around 6pm since it took about an hour drive from Daan Mogot. Thus i'll be leaving the office set 5pm. But sadly, my boss asked me to do a last minute edited and printed as much as 50 colored presentation pages into a hard copy file!! Sigh! And so i ended up leaving the office around 6pm and arrived there at 7.30pm :( well, what do u expect? traffic like hell in Jakarta!!

First thing we do was find a place to eat. Our plan was actually at Dome so we can sit facing the Bunderan HI view, but the place already closed down and has been renovated to another coffee shop which i forgot the name :( so we ended up eating at Segaffredo, its a smoking area :p we ordered oglio olio pasta and instantly disappointed! the smell of the food reminds us of somekind of a gross smelly sweat..blaah! and when we ordered cappuccino they said that they run out of whipped cream, and the drink i ordered was actually the kind of must-have-whipped-cream-on-top-of-it w/o whipped cream it would've taste...blaahblahblaah!! over all, we're disappointed, and to make it worst, there's no wifi connection too!! -thank god they allow us to smoke!

After finished eating we went for window shopping. Checking out those beautiful clothes, bags and shoes while salary day is still far far away to come was completely devastating :( however, windows shopping is always a fun thing to do!

The "meet up" wouldn't be complete without taking pictures right? so here it is, the narsis couple :p

Chocolate Caramel Night :p


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