Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Personal Style :)

To be honest, i'm not a fashionable person, i wear only what comfortable for me, and suits me the most! i do sometimes try to experiment with clothings and stuff so called fashion items, like wearing scarf or updated accessories, however i don't feel comfortable wearing it and sometimes it feels awkward! 

My character itself is kinda boyish, i love wearing simple things, casual, wearable, affordable and with not much details on it..however, i always prioritized my clothing selection on its fabrics, cutting, color and most importantly it should fit in perfectly on my strange body and can cover up my big tummy, my big arm, my big calf and my short torso...*I've told you I've a strange body :((

For everything related to fashion i believe my bestfriend Desong knows better than i do, checking out on her website she's truly is my fashion guru :p from her i know several cool stuff that i can mix n match and suits me :p i also love her shoes dying to have one of those RED shoes (particularly the ALDO shoes), she obviously had a full knowledge to combine all the items worth wearing :)

I do believe, every person is unique on their own. Some stuff may fit in one person but doesn't always fit in to another, considering from body structure, skin tone, height and several body example..Me, i always trying hard to like skirt, a pencil skirt, a tulip skirt, a 3/4 long skirt or any other skirt. But since i know i have a short leg and *as my opinion* a big calf...thus i always try to avoid wearing it! There are many days i test my confidence on it and as a result i felt less confidence during the day and a whole day :(

But still, i've several skirts on my collection, mostly are a knee-length skirt with a long cut on the behind, i love wearing it coz it looks sexy yet formal. Although im not to fond of wearing skirt, in some occasion i really want to wear it (or most of the time bocz i run out of pants :p) thing i always do to make the skirt look nice on my strange body and also to boost my confidence is by wearing a high heels..yes, a sky-high heels, that way-at least, i can camouflage my short leg and make it looks proportional :)

I may not like skirt that much, but on contrary i really love dresses..*i know its strange bcoz it gives the same result as if im wearing a skirt! However, a nice classic dress would look really good on me, coz it cover up my tummy (i wear a big belt on it), cover up my arms (i wear a cardigans or blazers) and its only one thing for sure that it conceals my problem area :D Therefore, all i have to do is find the good ones! The kind of dress i like is-as always-a knee length classic sheath dresses in colors that compliment my skin tone and accentuate my body shape...

Here are some of dresses that might be suitable for me :

Other than that..i always always love trousers, tailored slim/pencil or straight trousers. Sometimes it is very hard to find a good trousers with cutting and material that i like. Trousers that suits me should have a pocket or details on the back, a wide belt line with thick fabrics and great cutting...i usually find trousers with good cutting but bad fabrics or good fabrics but with bad cutting..its frustrating :( therefore if im lucky to find a good one, i will most likely buy another one with a different color...that's what really happen until today in my clothes collection, you will see lots of clothes with same design but in a different color :D That is including my shoes collection :D

So this is how i explain my  personal style, style that says something about me, style that i present to the world. Style that comforts me :)

Here are several visual explanation of my style 

My Personal Style 2

My Personal Style

My Personal Style 3

...Ooo..I Wish i can really have all of those iteems...amiiin Ya Allah :)


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