Monday, December 19, 2011

Blazer Dazzler

I always consider my overall personal style not in a particular category...however, most of my friend marked me with casual and kinda boyish style..and to be honest, I'm agree with that :D

For me, all the flowing, laces, girlish things are really not my forte...That's why I choose structured tailored outfit to fits in my style.

One outfit that will work absolutely good on me is Blazer. Blazer is one of those clothing items that will never go out of style, and it can changes the whole outfit into feminine or masculine, depends on what items you will add to it.

Yesterday, i gone crazy and bought 4 blazers in a day..yeaap! Crazy as hell coz i couldn't stand seeing all those lovely blazers. It surely cost me a lot, but i love it :)

Tuxedo Style Blazer - Zara
Love the Colar details ;)

Pinstripes Blazer - Zara
Love the buttons details, the cutting. Its edgy, casual and modern in it ;)

Coloured Blazer - Bershka
Its cheap and i do need a grey blazer in my collections..its a best buy ;)

The other one is The Green Animal Print Blazer - N.Y.L.A
Bought barengan sama Mpina and Hera, iseng diracunin sama mereka..pdhal seumur2 gak pernah kepengenan beli Blazer gonjreng gitu..But ternyata ok juga dipakein Jeans :p

My Green Leopard blazer...*macan koq ijoooo!!!


  1. aku suka tuh model yg pertama
    elegant beuuddd ... xD

    1. meee toooo..blazer hitam sih gak akan pernah out of date-laah, apalagi yg modelnya investment ever ;)


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