Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm an Orange Panther

Yupps, thats what i found out from this website called Doubutsu Uranai, it can describe your personality based on date of birth...its fun indeed!

  • You are Orange Panther, who is emotional and gentle, but are also fragile and have graceful atmosphere. 
  • Inside, you are rather proud, and have inner strength. 
  • Your personality is passionate, and will not give up what you have decided half way through.
  • You have perseverance.
  • You are not very skilful, and believes you are dependent and weak minded yourself.
  • You have great talent in coming up with new ideas and creating things.
  • You have will power to challenge anything, but tend to lack the last push.
  • You don't become inpatient even if you are put in a difficult situation.
  • You have a capacity to find a way to overcome a difficulty with calm.
  • Your negotiation tactics are brilliant.
  • In daily life, you are influenced by your preferences, and may act unreasonably.
  • You are also calculative, and become persistent.
  • Nevertheless, you are sociable person, and can be passionate on things you do.
  • You have a quality to be a leader.
  • You are rich in originality, and can come up with new ideas from existing things.
  • You can find better ways from them.
  • After marriage, you can be obsessed with your children's education.
  • You may find something worthwhile to do out side your home.
Go try your self up..!!


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