Monday, January 30, 2012

Korban Online Shopping :P

I have to admit that I'm 'kinda' addicted to online shopping nowadays. I just couldn't stand not to open those shopping links which shows so much beautiful stuffs in it..I really couldn't help it :(

But well, since all the stuffs are bought by Terms aka Ngutang :p at least i can save some money for several weeks before they send me the invoices.

I found this kind of shopping way thru my fave forum of all. First time i join them was on 2009, and at that time my purpose was only to know about fashion-related information etc. And since then i choose to become a silent reader only (you can tell by the number of posting i made..verylittle) But then i realized that aside from that oh-so-inspiratives info, i can also find another interesting stuff there and one of it is the Market Plaza thread..*kenaracuuunjuga :(

Here, I can find some Users/Member that offering their help to make a PO from International brands, or international shopping links such as eBay.

As most people know, we can buy almost anything from eBay. All we have to do is browsing and choose which items we want, after that we request the User/Member to quote the price including shipping fee and handling fee. After we agreed on the proposed quoted price, then the User will confirm our order to the eBay seller using User's Paypal account.

Sounds complicated? not at all...I've made some transactions earlier and it all went well. One thing that we need to understand is only the Seller's status/info. Every account on eBay will always have a Seller status, this can be use as a Buyer recommendations. My suggestion is to always choose Seller with 100% Positive Feedback or ever better choose Seller info which have "Top-rated seller" tag on it.

Check out their T&C for further.

Well, since i finally know how easy it is to make a transaction on eBay, i started to browse browse browse and ended up buying this Coach Bag, my dream Bag :) I feel very very lucky because i can get the bag with a very low price compares to other sellers.

I've been wanting to have a new black bag to replace my current Guess black bag which already damage, thanks to its cheap material yet very expensive price. Kinda disappointing tho, thus i prefer to save extra money to have a more expensive bag but for a long term quality.

Sport shoes from Reebok. I just found out that this type is not available in Indonesia..wohooo!
I bought this shoes for only IDR 710k including handling and shipping fee..veryy cheap, i mean in Indo for sport shoes like this, it can cost me more than IDR 1mio and for the type that i dislike, but this, I got it for a very low price and its RED...lovee it :)

So since then, gw jadi rajin browsing2 eBay, surfing2 apapun yang lucu2 dan murah2, from bag to sport shoes yang ternyata tidak dijual di Indo, sampe baju dan etc2

Actually, selain eBay, si User juga buka PO dari Int'l shopping link lain2 juga...bener2 tempting :((



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