Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Banci Kutex :p

It is simply because I love it. Love the zillion-gorgeous color to choose for and also love how they transformed my yellow, chipping and weak nails into pretty and colorful nails..*it's the most important things :)

Although i cannot wear "Kutek" everyday since I Sholat, but I still love to collect and wears them occasionally like going to a special event or attend a wedding party.

O.P.I Nicole Collections..*I want them all :(

Below are some of my Kutex collections, not much tho, but i plan to add more soon :)

Face It Gold, Good for Crack Base

My RED Revlon Collections

Revlon Red and Face It Crack-Black

Red Revlon

Face It Baby Blue with Crack Black...*really love the color combo :)

My first O.P.I nail polish - Blue my Mind

Revlon Ice Emerald Matte - without top coat

Revlon Ice Emerald - with top coat

But sekarang gw lagi "libur" pake Kutek dulu karena lagi Treatment, since I wear Kutex quite often, my nails become weak, soft and yellow and it's chipping a lot. Thus I'm started to using Nailtiques Nail Plus 2. We will see what will happen with my nails..hopefully the result is the same as i expected :)

ps: After 3 straight weeks usage, Im not too happy with the result, it appears that the Nailtiques does not bring any good effect on my nails..it still weak and chipping. I don't know which one is wrong? Does my nails weak because of lack of protein consumptions or is it because the Nailtiques doesnt good enough??!!

But i still wearing it tho..tetep usahaa sekaligus sayang juga klo ndak dipake..*medit dotcom :p


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