Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy Happy Happy New Year 2012

May all of us be blessed with happiness, joy, love, health and success through all the years to come. May we all have a blissful and prosperous New Year too :)

Gak kerasa satu tahun lewat lagi, time flies sooo fast. Lots of wishes, good wishes of course, big hopes definitely, lots of pray..its a must!

I celebrate my Year End just with my dearly couple Desong and her husband Cips, several of Chip's cousins also joined. There are lots of finger foods, wines, snacks, coke and an amazing view from their 37th floor apt.

For me, it was the most amazing year end celebration ever, just by watching the fireworks performance in an open air roof top from 42nd floor, I couldn't expect more except I wish my BBP was here!

But still...it was an awesome night, love the wine too..thanks for the invitations dear :)

Happy New Year All :)


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