Thursday, July 26, 2012

Skincare Haul (Tumben)

I’ve to admit that I’m officially addicted to skincare products nowadays. After my first purchase on L’Oreal skincare, I began to realize that taking care of my skin is A MUST thing to do now (telatnyadar), considering I’m 30 already -__-

Even though I haven't finished my first skincare series and yet knowing its results, I still curious about other skincare product that lots of people are raving about. *ketauanlatahnya. For me, as long as its safe, affordable and comfortable to my wallet, I'm willing to give it a go.

First product I'm so curious to try out is SK II. After "setengah-mati" searching bad review about it and finally found none, I decided that I must have this on my skincare regime. Although it comes with a very high price, but most people claimed that they got what they paid for and it really works~

So I buy it :D Since it will be my first attempt, most people doesn't suggest to buy the whole series at once. First because is expensive (tetep harga duluan) and second is you never know if its good on your skin or not. But because I know my skin is so easy-going, thus I'm not afraid to try 3 of their products at a time.

Next skincare I bought is Hada Labo. I've been eye-ing this product since a week ago and I'm really curious about it until I swore to my self that I have to buy them. And when I knew that it was sold in the supermarket near my office (with IDR price tag which is more affordable), I decided to go there during my lunch time.

Another series that I left abandoned is TBS Vit C Series. So far I only use the boost serum and the scrub cleanser. What I like about this series is their smell, nothing more nothing less. As for the result masih sedikit blury, karena gw make skincare udah campuraduk gini..

Berikutnya, gw pingin banget nyobain produknya si Kiehls (ketinggalanbgtdehgie) -__-


  1. I never try the body shop before except for their blotting paper. I'm curious about the TBS Vit C series, hope u will review them.
    btw I'm ur new follower, salam kenal^^
    hope u like to follow me back. I'm at:
    thank u^^

  2. Hi there, actually tbs vit c series are okay, i really like their face scrub and face spray, however i didn't see the results as fast as i expected, thus i immediately change my interest to others. But someday i will review them..*someday ya ga janji :D

    aniwei, im ur follower now..thanks a bunch ;)


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