Monday, April 15, 2013

I Like Dresses, I Just Don't Wear em'

As you all might probably know, I am not a dress and lace and flowery-girly kind of person. Outfit that i choose and wear are mostly trousers, jeans, plain blouse and of course, blazers. And all this time, I keep on buying the same collection over and over again and never have had a feeling of boring or whatsoever.

Until one day when i was cleaning out my closet, i realized that i don't have even one formal dress to wear for special occasions, say, formal dinner..or even outfit for girls night out to a club. All my clothes are working outfit ooorr weekend blouses!

What would happen next can easily be predicted. I would've panic and confused every time i received such invitation from a friend or colleagues. The only option I can do was buying a new dress/blouse in a very last minute, with no consideration at all. And as always, i will definitely be using it once and for all.

Shame on me indeed, as I can be very picky if choosing/buying that sort of clothing and believe me, it was never easy to find one that suits me the most.

I'm aware of my self and what i like. I know what looks appealing to me or not. I know what kind of clothes can really accentuate to my body and at the same time can cover up my imperfectness. I know which dress that I can feel comfortable wearing it and i surely know which outfit that can make me feel more confident.

I know it's not important if i tell you that i am NOT a confident person. But since I already bring it up, i might as well share you a little weirdness about me. Most of the time - or should i say all the time- I have never feel comfortable slash confident if wearing too much revealing clothes. And yes, that's including a simple sleeveless blouse too! I just think that's..hhhmm..well, all I think of is just I look ridiculously fat on it, especially with my big muscled arm.

So my preferences for a comfortable clothes are definitely the one that has at least three quarter sleeve. And it doesn't stop there, as I never like revealing my legs too. You see i have a very short legs and i just feel it's not balance compare with my upper torso part. Well, nobody's perfect and so am I. Since i cannot do anything about it, thus i prefer to cover it up using the most suitable outfit I can think of. 

Therefore, it was not easy because I can be very fastidious!

I believe that there are not many stores in Jakarta offers the kind of dress I want. Thus the only option I can do is giving a picture of my preferable dresses and have it customized to an experienced tailor...



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