Sunday, April 14, 2013

DIY - Ripped/Distressed Jeans

Holaa All,

So today, I am actually planning to go to Ambas Mall to search several things and also buying Pancake Durian and Chox Soes that i've been craving about since yesterday. But all of sudden, it's raining and i ended up stuck at kostan.

As always, the only thing i can do while i'm at kostan -besides gymning- is browsing. And lately, i'm so eager to have a nice pair of ripped jeans. I try to Google from different brands and stores, yet i found none that's suitable as per my liking and also cheap. Most of it comes either in a shape of boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans. Since i already own the distressed boyfriend jeans and i dislike the skinny one, thus, i want it to be in a straight leg shape and with a dark wash color.

Unfortunately, it was not easy to find one like that. Until i realized that i had a pair of straight, dark wash color jeans that I rarely use because I've another new one *biggrin.

So, why not do something about it and try to do my own DIY-ripped jeans!

First, I need to know what kind of ripped jeans-style i like by searching it on Google. As you know, there are plenty of preferences, thus, pick one that represents your personal style the most. As for me, i like it simple and doesn't expose too much skin.

Once i'm done with the research, now's time to prepare the utensils such as scissors, pumice stone or foot file, tweezers, chalkboard or pencils to mark the area (i use my instinct tho!), cuticle remover (trust me, it works :p) and a small flat block of wood (i use my new clothing brush that has a wood handle)

Then let's do the destruction!

My jeans-Before
 FYI, I use my old and cheap jeans for practice, so if i ruined it, i wont feel too bad about it!

On to the chop, cut, pull, pluck..etc etc

My DIY-distressed jeans ;)

I know this is far from perfect, but not bad-lah *give my self a pat in the back :p

1. Make sure you know how to rip your jeans so you don't mess up.
2. Start making a small snips to start with a larger and much more appealing cut. 
3. Always remember that the fray will get bigger with each wash.
4. Use inexpensive jeans for the experiment.
5. Make mistakes? Repair a rip with a colorful fabric patch underneath.
6. Keep experimenting!

Cant wait to wear it soon...yay!

So, this is how it looks on me, after i wash it ;)


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