Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blazer Style

Maybe you all had enough listening me talking about blazer all the time. About how much i love blazer, how much I adore Zara blazer and how much I say I cannot live my work life without it. But on a serious note, I do sometimes lost track and idea how to wear it differently.

You see, I don't like wearing skirt, let alone a dress. It's just too girly2 for me and it's just not my style. Therefore, the only combination to wear blazers for me are trousers or jeans. And trust me, it ain't easy as it seems. No matter how many times I googling to search some inspirations, it will always ended up nothing. I'm not saying this because they're all not good. It's just because, their posture and mine are not the same. Their culture, their personal style and their working environment are not the same too. So it's kinda difficult for me to match what suits best.

There are a LOT of blazer style, outfit and inspirations on google, but is there at least one blogger that can really channeling my signature style? Maybe I didn't search too hard, maybe there is one out there. It doesn't necessarily international blogger, domestic will even better, because she will definitely understand what we've going through in here.  But is there any?

All pics below are supppeerrr duppperrr awesoomme. I cannot stop looking at them and daydreaming that one day I can copy their style too. But boy, oh boy..those killer legs! Not in the world I can own those long and gorgeous legs! * I'm blaming my body..Bad Gie..Bad!

Pic taken from CHICISIMO


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