Friday, August 1, 2014

I Feel (again) Blessed

It's been too long, far far too long I HAVE NOT HAD A CHANCE to update my blog.

Kenapa eh kenapa? well, karena saya sudah terlalu sibuk dan overwhelmed dengan rutinitas baru dan hidup baru.

So yups, aside from being a new someone's lifepartner, I will also soon -Insya Allah- will become a crazy is that?!

Kalo ada yang bilang keadaan kaya gitu biasa ajaaa...sini orangnya biar tak colek pake golok!

Jadiiii...ya gitu deh, saya sendiri aja sampe bingung harus mulai dari mana nulisnya :P sangking banyaknya yang terjadi dan mau diceritaain. Mungkin yang akan pertama-tama saya ceritain adalah tentang bagaimana perasaan saya dengan semua hal baru ini? hhmmm...indescribable :D

Happy, excited, scared yet i also feel tremendously blessed. 

Everything just happened in a blink of an eyes. Not that I'm not happy with it, it's just all this time I always feel this moment will never come to me in a near time! But it did....ready or not!

I've to admit that we're a rock and roll couple, for the past 4.5 years, we never ever planned of anything. Both me and BBP always let everything flow. Our principles are always been the same, all I know is you with me and I'm with you! What ever will be, will be. And if the time is right then it's the right time!

Until yeah, that so-called-the-right-time has finally arrived. And here we are, laughing at it and feels amazingly great full and thankful for it.

We just hoping that whatever comes will be all the best for two of us, well 3 of us (soon) :p

Amin Ya Allah


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