Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Training at Kuala Lumpur + Jayan-Jayan (Day 2)

Day 2 TINC Training. Masih belum terbiasa sama langitnya yang gelap gulita walopun udah jam 7 pagi -___- But well, duty calling!

As always, breakfast ditempat biasa dengan menu yang kurang lebihnya sama. Chit-chat a lil'bit with other colleagues and heading to the Training venue. Another 8 hours spent to listening to a very eye-opening materials and what this business is all about.

Done with the training, we're being asked to gathered to one of the conference room for a gala dinner where our Int'l CEO will give a short speech during his short time before he took off to Dubai.

Done with the Gala Dinner, we continued exploring Grand Hyatt Hotel surroundings. And our destination was Mall Suria - KLCC. Again, after asking the front desk, they informed us that exactly in front of our hotel, there was a stairs heading down to a tunnel that can bring us directly to the mall. Again, we were impressed how convenience and easy to visit these malls from our hotel. 

So mall yang satu ini adalah mall yang bangunannya jadi satu dengan Twin Tower. So klo kita may foto2 dengan back ground TT, ya di mall ini lah tempatnya. Sampe sana kita cuma muterin mall nya sebentar dan sisanya ya foto2 sampe pusing :D

Done with the mall, kita balik ke kamar masing2 and get some rest for the final day of training.


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