Friday, December 21, 2012

'End of the Year' Nail Polish Haul

Geez, I just realized that I haven't post about nail polish again since June, nearly 7 months! Yaaah, gimana doonk, my mood for nail polish always ups and down sihh. But since it's almost end of the year (sooo??), i think it's the best time for me to have a new one (or two) nail polish-es to added into my stash :p

Aaaand it's super easy to predict that my next nail polish haul will be another red nail polish (hidup merah!)  heheheh..

So after reading some reviews on red nail polish comparisons, I decided to put my order on Malaga Wine and German-icure. The reasons are obvious, both nail polishes are superb and I don't have a similar shade as these two reds.

Malaga Wine is a creamy vampy red that looked bright on first application and instantly transformed to a deep red wine on second or 'if needed' three applications.

As we all know, OPI formula has never failed anyone, including me.  It's easy to apply, very opaque, fast dry and super shiny. Update : however....i don't know why, i missed my luck this time as it turned out that my Malaga Wine took forever to dry..very unusual indeed..but well, maybe i need to change my base coat then.

Second nail polish comes from a very recent OPI Germany collection for Fall 2012. It consist of 12 beautiful colors, but my eyes can only sees the red one ;p

There are actually 2 red shades on the collection, first one is Danke-Shiny Red and second is German-icure, but I opt for the second red because Danke (for me) looks very similar to An Affair In Red Square, which I already owned.

Based on Scrangie (nail polish goddes), German-icure is a Dark, vampy, brown-tinged shimmery red and has a subtle gold shift to it. Sounds an interesting color details cause I personally always love vampy nail polish, and this one is no exception.

I do not know how it would turn out on my nails, but I'm pretty sure its gonna be awesome (high-pitch gaya Barney ;p) Update : I love love how they turned out on my nails, just exactly as i wanted...however, my nails are not in a very mint conditions and they're short, thus it doesnt look that good on the picture..bleeh :(

Anyway, I am a no-nail polish junkie, but if I had a chance to have all red nail polish in the world, it will sounds amazing though ;p

 Gimme More Please :p

XoXo ;)


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