Sunday, December 30, 2012

My First Zoya Nail Polish - Batch 1

Finally, my first ever Zoya nail polish has arrived. Actually, i've been eyeing this brand for quite sometimes, but i still hesitate to put an order because i already get used to wear OPI. But theeen, when my eyes lays on Zoya heart melted. The color was soo beautiful. Its a smoky deep steel blue or smoky navy blue with a cream finish and IMO it's quite unique tho. 

Based on nail polish goddes' review, this color is the one not to be missed by all nail polish junkie and to be frank, i'm so agree with them. Thus, i instantly put an order for several Zoya nail polishes tru MP-FD.

As you all might probably know, i'm a huge fans of Red nail polish and i'm a truly Red polishes person, but I do also love navy blue, dark, dusty, smokey and vampy nail polishes, so this Natty is definitely one of my favorite too. Besides Natty, i also put an order for Zoya Kelly (not yet arrive). It's a rich and creamy dark grey with blue and purple undertones. According to reviews, it has a very interesting and one of a kind color. And..ooh, Zoya also famous for its amazing and -free from harmful industrial chemicals-formula, it dries quickly and covers evenly..well, i don't know about it until i try it first hand, and when i made my first attempt, i'm amazed how much i liked it. It's fully opaque in first application, but for nubie like me one application will never enough, thus I apply two times for better results. Opaque, creamy, dusty and shiny, so what's not to be love?

So here's the first batch of my order, Zoya Natty and Zoya Blaze.

Blaze was featured in Zoya's first holographic polishes in their Ornate Holiday 2012 Collection. It's describes as "full coverage, cool-toned medium mulberry red with a high concentration of micro fine diamond holographic glitter" Well, i must say that the color leads more to purple than red, but doesn't matter tho, it's beautiful and it's my first holo nail polish too...i like it.

So do you have Zoya polishes girls? which one is your fave and can you suggest another Zoya red for meee?? ;)

XoXo ;) 


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