Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shoes Haul

It’s almost 2 months since the last time I bought my self a new pair of shoes and guess now its
the right time for me to buy another pair(s) :D Although i shopped quite a lot this month, but there are no shoes haul on the list. Well maybe its because I'm not too interesting on buying shoes thru online, I prefer to buy clothes and bags instead! From what i know most seller will ship our shoes without a box (unless we request it, and im sure it cost us more). Since i don't have a shoe' rack, the shoe' box its very important thing for me.

And..i also afraid if the size doesn't fit me well, maybe if the shoes comes from a well-known brand that i usually buy here e.g. nine west, aldo, steve madden, then it wouldn't make a bigger deal..but how about shoes that comes from a brand that i never use or buy but I like the model and its cheap? well, i wouldn't take the risk tho!

And because of that reasons, shoes haul was never gonna be on my Online shopping list, unless my Reebok yaa :p

Nah pas kebetulan bulan ini tabungan sudah cukup, jadilah gw kalap beli sepatu sekali 3, 2 pump heels, 1 flats and 1 fitness/running shoes :D

I bought my Reebok shoes thru online in Mimo, it is cheap, nice design, its Red and as per my wish! I’m gonna use this shoes for fitness next month..yeaay

This one is from Amante-Centro and I bought it to replace my one and only Amante Blue flat shoes which I use ooffttteeennly. To be honest, i still love my blue flat and its really hard to find the right flat as a replacement, until i saw these..too bad it doesn't comes in RED :(

But still, i love my blue flat, too many memories coz its always accompanying me on all of my trips :(

Next is the high heels :D

Since long long long time ago, I always love high heels, its shape accentuates my short leg and the heels were able to add few inches to my height, that is why i love wearing them on :D 

And finally after a long searching, this Red Pump Shoes from Schutz-Linea really fulfilled my dream. This is the exact toe shape, color, height, shape I was looking for. Love it to the max!

Another pump heel I bought “accidentally” is from Topshop. It was my first shoe haul there; I even didn’t notice that they sell shoes actually, but it’s just love at the first sight. I couldn’t resist the shape, the color (lagi2, gw emang nyari sepatu nude), the price (paling penting) and after being try on to walk around, its comfort level was okay.  So bungkuusss…

Sepertinya setelah ini saya musti puasa belanja duluuu…*ngintipdompetngitungrecehan  :((


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