Sunday, February 26, 2012

Accidentaly Orange

The idea of pairing orange flat on my outfit was actually by accident. At first i was wearing a black pointy pump, but last friday when i met up with Bumil Nofry just to had a coffee and karaokean, i decided to switched my pump to flat as my feet hurts like hell :(
As in my earlier post, the flat i wore was less orange-ish than shown below, im just trying to deliver the concept of combining blazer (which is my style stapler), animal print tee, jeans and bright colored flat shoes.

Accidentaly orange

In real life nya maah ga sekereen ini..lah baru moto jam setengah 2 pagi pas udah keringetan nyanyi2 and teriak2 :p 

IRL :p

Cheers ;)


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